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    My visit is coming up soon. If a reservation is made, does that mean I’m expected to meet the lady in parlor and head back to her room for negotiations or can we still chat over in the bar before taking a tour and heading back to her room for negotiations?

    I’m concerned this has already been covered in one of the newbie guide threads or another recent thread that I’m just overlooking at the moment.



    For all of my reservations I met the lady in the parlor and head back to her room. You can ask for a tour.



    Yes, you may enter the bar and notify the hostess on duty that you have an appointment with a particular Courtesan and you’d like to meet her at your table in the bar. You are not required to ring the parlor door buzzer and enter there if you would rather sit in the bar briefly. I suppose you’ve emailed her already. These few minutes in the bar will give you some time to get acquainted and maybe make a connection before accompanying your Courtesan to her bedroom for negotiations. Of course, the Courtesan with whom you have a reservation would like to party with you, but if for some reason you decide she’s not compatible you may jilt her gently and select another Lady.



    It’s okay to chat a bit before heading to her room for negotiations.



    I tend to do that on a slow trip to her room, but you should do what you feel confortable with.



    Hi ShyGuy,
    It is really up to you and what you feel comfortable with! If you would like to meet your lady in the bar and talk for a few minutes before going on a tour and going back to her room that is perfectly fine 🙂


    Kellie Love

    Shy Guy 007,

    If you haven’t already, I suggest you message the lady you would like to make a reservation with, and ask her directly. I personally have had requests where we chat briefly (around 3-5 minutes), or did a very brief tour (again about 3-5 minutes) on the way to my room. Either way, you will have time to have some type of small talk before negotiations happen. Feel free to meet and greet in the Bubble Bath room or Jacuzzi room after y’all book! 🙂


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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