Safe brothel poem

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    Courtesans are safe and legal,
    It is not just sex that they sell,
    Companionship the best way to go,
    Illegal hookers just hump and blow,

    Nevada brothels the best place to go,
    You will leave feeling a massive glow,
    Disease free and totally clean,
    The elegance is there to been seen,

    To go anywhere else could cost your health,
    So go to a Nevada brothel look after yourself,
    These ladies are perfect it’s true,
    They will truly look after you,

    Treat them right you can’t go wrong,
    You will love them oh so strong,
    So them respect and affection,
    And they will take care of your erection,

    So dating sites avoid at all cost,
    Go to a legal brothel your health won’t be lost,
    Pay that little bit more,
    And of your health you can stay sure.

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