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    Sasha, Surrender to the Czech Republic

    How do I even begin a review for Sasha since things happened so quickly? Granted I had known about Sasha as she was on my short list 10 years ago before my first trip to Sheri’s, but she had left before I ever made the trip and hadn’t been back since.

    It was day 5 of my trip, a Tuesday and the day that Sasha would clear for the floor. I was speaking with another lady at the bar for quite some time that afternoon / evening and caught glimpses of Sasha as she was in and out of the bar a number of times for short periods at a time. Granted, I could be wrong about this as I was rather distracted of things going on in the bar by the lady I was speaking with that day.

    It was late night when I was finally alone at the bar and Sasha walked in again. She went over to the table by the door to speak with the shift manager and then started back in the direction of the kitchen where she had entered the bar from. I tried to call her by name but she didn’t hear me. Char called out her name to get her attention and she came over to meet me. We talked for a very short spell and it was clear a trip back to her room was happening right then and there.

    As we cleared the curtain, I reached for Sasha’s hand which she happily accepted. We arrived at room number 16, her room, which seemed to strike me as a good number. No reason it seemed so, it just did. We went inside; Sasha called the office to let them know someone was in her room. It was a very successful negotiation, Sasha did the DC, and we walked up to the office to take care of the business end. Walking back to her room, I had a great feeling about this party.

    Sasha was very soft and gentile to start, easing into the party, as we became used to each other. It didn’t take long, a connection was easy to make with Sasha and things progressed. I remember her selection of music, or perhaps the feed of music was very soothing and easy to listen to helping to drive things along. Things progressed more and there were definite body language and verbal clues that told each of us what the other liked. By the end of the party we were both very comfortable with one another. As the party was closing things began to settle back down in a very natural way.

    At the end of the party, Sasha did the normal wipe down and we cleaned up in the shower, got dressed, and went back to the parlor. I was drained, I had nothing left, and I was “barely alive” but surely happy to be alive. The party was not rushed and Sasha is very skilled at what she does. Time with her is something I would wholly recommend.

    In fact, I even recommended her to myself for a trip to her room. 2nd negotiations were quick and easy. The 2nd party was everything that the first one had been and it was so natural given we knew each other that much better.



    Someone recently asked how the party with Char was and the it brought back beautiful memories, I just smiles and let my eyes roll back into my head saying she was quite worth the time.

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