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    Just out of curiosity…

    I don’t know if this question has been asked before, but when I was there, I noticed your ranch was right next door to the Chicken Ranch…

    Was that by design or it just happened that way?

    Are guests allowed to go “back and forth” between the ranches?

    Again, just out of curiosity.




    Nevada brothels are usually isolated from other business and residential areas. Sheri’s Ranch is located on the southern end of Pahrump at Homestead Road’s dead end, and the Chicken Ranch is approximately 100 yards north of SR. There are 4 brothels congregated in Mound House near Carson City and Reno too, so it isn’t an unusual situation. Clients and guests are free to visit either Pahrump brothel, but only SR has a Hotel. The CR usually has 10 Courtesans appearing simultaneously, but SR may have up to 25.



    I was at the CR once. Decided I prefered Sheri’s.



    @firefighter: Only Sheri’s Ranch has a hotel? So where do guests who go to the Chicken Ranch stay/sleep if they want to “stay” for more than one day?



    You may stay at the Sheri’s Ranch Hotel to visit Sheri’s Ranch and the Chicken Ranch which is within walking distance; however, we hope you’ll prefer Sheri’s Ranch’s amenities and fifteen to twenty-five exemplary Courtesans always at your disposal. The Sheri’s Ranch Hotel is recommended for your stay, since clients will have more quality time available to spend with Courtesans. Also, Las Vegas which is only 60 miles away has more hotel rooms than any other two cities in the United States.

    If you wish to stay in Pahrump the following accommodations are available:

    Sheri’s Ranch Hotel (866) 820-9100 http://www.sherisranch.com/hotel/

    Pahrump Nugget (866) 751-6500 http://pahrumpnugget.com/hotel

    Saddle West Hotel & RV Park (800) 433-3987 http://www.saddlewest.com/

    Best Western Pahrump Station (775) 727-5100 http://book.bestwestern.com/bestwestern/selectHotel.do?iata=00170260&sob=PBMS2&city=pahrump&stateCode=US_nv&countryCode=US&cm_mmc=google-_-Nevada-Exact-Breakout-_-Pahrump-_-best%20western%20pahrumpiq_id=63208603&target=“_blank”href=http://view.atdmt.com/action/Non4StatsAdcX/v3/[atc3.c]/



    I have also been to both…..CR before SR. After going to SR, you can never be satisfied going anywhere else, in my opinion! Nicer, better Ladies (although as individuals I have the greatest respect for all Courtesans including those at CR)…….amazing bar scene and food at SR……outstanding bungalow experiences….many, many more Ladies in addition to a much higher “Wow” factor of them………and a hotel right on-site so one can drink, party, and sleep it off without worrying about trying to drive anywhere which is a danger to yourself, others, and illegal. And fyi, imho, prices were no different. So, Sheri’s Ranch is Number One on all respects and we can credit the great Ownership and Management who make it so!


    Mr. Incredible

    As a newbie to brothels I 100% agree with Sheri’s being the best! I learned of this especially after experiencing it in Summer of last year. Like I said in my review about Sherri’s, you have to be proud in the Courtesan you partying with. There is WAY more eye candy and choices at SR compared to CR. Where at CR there isn’t much and your forced to settle on a “5” when you can get the same on a “8” or “9.” From what I’ve learned is that CR has girls and they can leave right after you c*m. There more in it for quantity and not quality that you get at SR. I didn’t think I’d be returning but now I make reasons I should return! Sherri’s Ranch for the win by a lot.

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