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    Okay. I see that Sheri’s has a pool, which I assume is “public” and so sex in the pool is not permitted.
    Does Sheri’s have a hot tub where sex is permitted? and does this include cost of lady?



    We do have private Jacuzzi tubs that is like a bath tub and jets which is the only tub that gets emptied, cleaned, and sanitized after each use so it would be your only option. Although I do not recommend condoms and play under water so it would have to be at the discrepancy of the lady! It is a fun activity but one you must think clean when sharing with other people. Good luck!



    The outside swimming pool and hot tub are in a public courtyard area so bathing suit bottoms are required, but Courtesans may be topless. In addition to the private Jacuzzi Hot Tub, there are Jetted Bathtubs used for bubble baths in all the VIP Bungalows. The indoor private Hot Tub and VIP Bungalow jetted bubble bath tubs are used for sex parties and the negotiated price includes your Courtesan. All the VIP Bungalows have king sized beds for sex after your erotic frolic in the water. Many of Sheri’s Courtesans will not allow sex underwater because the required condom protection may slip off unnoticed.



    firefighter how often have condoms slipped off in hot tubs or Jacuzzis?



    I don’t know if it’s ever happened at Sheri’s Ranch, but it’s a concern for some of the Courtesans. Sudsy bubble bath water would be more worrisome for a condom slipping off, but I assume a client’s erection would have to subside somewhat too. It is more difficult for a Courtesan to monitor if a condom is still in place underwater. I don’t know the number of current Sheri’s Courtesans that are concerned about this problem, but it has been mentioned by a few Ladies.

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