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    July 2014 Trip Report – The Quiet Trip
    July 18 to 26, 2014

    So here is my Nevada Sheri’s Ranch getaway trip report which I am calling “The Quiet Trip” because I only made it known to my Dad, my Brother, and 2 Nevada friends prior to the trip.

    Starting with the ladies as usual, since that is what some will be most (or only) interested in:

    The Ladies:

    AJ – It took me a little while to figure out who AJ is as I would see her around but always be in the middle of something else. There were about 5 to 6 similar blondes in the bar at the beginning of this trip I hadn’t met before that it was a little difficult for me to tell them apart at fist. As the week went on, I saw this young lady light up more and ended up watching her shoot some billiards with another gentleman the one night. I loved seeing her interaction with him as she shot.

    Akira – I met Akira on Day 4 of my trip when she joined the Hailey, Tristen, and Pretty outside by the pool. She definitely seems like a fun lady. She was the first to dive into the pool and it wasn’t long after that the others joined as well. On Day 5 I bought her a drink and ended up talking to her for quite some time having waved the 10 minute rule. Topics included music, board games, cooking, and tattoos. On Day 6 I found myself talking with Akira again for an extended period of time which would lead to the party reviewed as Akira and Destini, a 2 Girl Safari.

    Allissa – Caught up with Allissa in what was her pre-birthday week. I had ordered her a gift off her Amazon wish list and sent it to Sheri’s so it would arrive the week I was there. Apparently it showed up about an hour after I arrived. I noticed Allissa sitting and reading a few times throughout the week, wearing glasses. She and another lady or two wearing glasses made me start to wonder if I have a bit of an eyeglasses fetish.

    Angel Parr
    – Angel arrived in the bar on Saturday wearing a plaid shirt, denim shorts, and her hair is two pigtails showing off her country roots for casual day. She stopped by the table to chat and seems like a really nice girl. I ended p seeing her hanging out a few more ties by the pool, with the other girls, etc. Love her personality and smile.

    Athena – While I was in the bar on the afternoon of Day 6 of my trip, Athena came over and introduced herself. She spoke for a little about herself and then asked some questions about me. After which we talked about some general topics. I enjoyed her company for the spell.

    Baby Doll – Got to briefly meet Baby Doll when Bri came out to visit.

    Brittney Ryder – Was awesome to see Brittney who wasn’t on the schedule and I thought I would miss her by just days on both ends of my trip. To my surprise she was there at the beginning of my trip (There was a scheduling misprint or issue of sorts) and she chatted a quick bit before she had to go for the moment. I was completely happy I had not missed her as I thought I would.

    Char – Met Char 1st my 1st day back and through the door at Sheri’s Ranch. She provided a very receptive greeting and nice talk before checking into the hotel. Char was on my short list for this trip, and on evening number three was he lady I partied with. That review can be found as Char: A Beautiful Time. Char definitely exceeded expectations and I would recommend her for a party. She is also great to talk to in the bar. Char helped me out on this trip by loaning me a book to read during the down time periods of my trip: Lee Child’s “Never Go Back,” a Jack Reacher book.

    Chloe – Called Chloe out to the bar after her birthday dinner and cake with the ladies in the back. We chatted a bit and decided to go for the trip to her room to which we were unable to reach an agreement at that time so I asked for a walk and she took me back to the parlor and then back to the bar.

    CiCi – Showed up on my next to last day and it was great to catch up with her in the bar. Talked with her about things that were changing in both our lives.

    Destini – Destini showed up as I was about to check in and gave her always warm hug. Had the welcome opportunity to hang with Destini and Deadpool Saturday night almost closing out the bar with them. Destini is ALWAYS sweet, warm and compassionate and a trip is not complete without a hug from her. But it wouldn’t end at a hug this trip because I had come out with the desire to party with Destini and Riley this trip. Riley had to go home early so Destini suggested we could have someone else be in the party. I replied that could be or it could be just you. At any rate, we did talk about some possibilities for a second lady and on Day 6 this lead to the party being reviewed as Akira and Destini, a 2 Girl Safari.

    Emma – Got to briefly meet Emma when Bri came to visit.

    Gigi – Got to briefly meet Gigi when Bri came to visit.

    Hailey Leigh – I met Hailey the morning of day 2 of my trip as she was still up and outside with Montana and few guys from the night before. They were by the pool chatting and invited me over. I had seen Hailey playing billiards the night before and my first impression is that she could be a lot fun! Every time I saw Hailey after my initial impression she lived up to that initial impression; always energetic, glowing, smiling, fun. Want to know more see the review Hailey Leigh: A Fun Sexy Time.

    Julia Rose – Had a chance to speak with Julia the 2nd day of my trip for about 10 minutes, the normal meet and greet time given by Sheri’s unless you ask to wave it. She is from Romania and a rather sweet girl.

    Karli Brooks – Caught up with Karli Brooks on Day 5, her 1st day back, speaking with her a little here and a little there. She is still as beautiful as ever. Had a party with her on the last day of my trip.

    Kim – Kim stopped by after I had brought back some coffees from Starbucks and chatted for a bit. She is a really attractive lady and holds ones interest in conversation well. She asked if Deadpool and I like Thai food and I said I’m not sure if I ever really had it. She mentioned that if we were going into town, there were a couple of Thai restaurants she could recommend and named them. A couple of nights later I saw her in the bar wearing a robe and looking stunning!

    Kitty Kat – I 1st met her at check in as she playfully harassed my friend. As I noticed Kitty Kat a few more times throughout the week, it seems to me that she has a bit of a playful feisty side. Not exactly what I am looking for but worth the mention for those that may be.

    Krista – Krista is a very attractive and intelligent lady. When Deadpool asked how she likes this job, she replied with something to the extent that she loves it and it fits her very well, having studied both Therapy and Sexology. She feels she is quite capable of helping out both Men and Women understand themselves better and assist them in being able to have a great time.

    Mia Cummings – Had a blast getting to know Mia Cummings. Pretty sure she didn’t remember Deadpool and I at first since she had been away for awhile and I only take this trip about once a year. When it finally hit her who we were and that there had been others with us a few years ago when we first met her it was awesome. Mia is a really cool, interesting and funny lady that I think would be fun to hang with. Caught her dancing in the bar a few times, she has a very nice shape and she also has a very cute laugh.

    Montana – I met Montana the morning of day 2 of my trip as she was still up and outside with Hailey and few guys from the night before. They were by the pool chatting and invited me over. Montana was on my short list for this trip and I soon learned that she seemed like a very playful choice should I decide to take her back to her room. I welcomed a nice sit down talk with Montana the next to last day of my trip. We spoke of some of places we had been, a few state capitols came up, hunting, different types of bows, weather patterns of different states, how different people view the same weather and the Sheri’s website/forum.

    Pretty St. Pink – Caught up with Pretty on Monday morning, the last day of her stay as I was out with my feet in the pool and she came out for a little smoke then came over to the pool, put her feet in and just talked for a bit. Being from out East as well, she totally understood when I mentioned the time difference was messing with me. She talked about how she was ready to get back to her dogs and that she was sure they would miss her.

    Red Diamonds – Stopped by Saturday after I brought back Starbucks coffee for some of the ladies. She was glowing and very happy for the coffee. As the week went on, Red passed a few more times and had a very nice smile.

    Riley – Had to leave early due to personal issues before I had a chance to speak with her this trip. She has always been awesome to be around on prior trips. Riley was also on my short list for this trip, so I was a little disappointed to hear that she had to leave but totally understand given the circumstances. I had grown to like Riley more and more over the years I’ve been going to Sheri’s

    Sasha – On Day 5, the day Sasha got cleared, she was in and out of the bar a few times while I was talking with another lady, but towards the end of the night I had a chance to talk to her. In a very short amount of time I found myself taking the trip to her room with a successful negotiation and a fantastic party! I partied again with her a few days later. 2nd negotiations were quick and easy. The 2nd party was everything that the first one had been and it was so natural given we knew each other that much better. This review is Sasha, Surrender to the Czech Republic.

    Trina Diamond – Didn’t expect to see Trina during my stay but she must have extended her dates at the house so she was there when I arrived. 1st impression was that she is very cute but a bit of a newbie. Think she has a lot of potential. Met her after bringing coffee back from Starbucks, she did a little dance for Deadpool and I and thanked us for the coffee. She is also one of the ladies I would see sitting together playing games when things were slow, very attractive and captivating.

    Tristen Applegate – Saw her as I entered the bar my first day, sitting beside Char and looking quite beautiful! Before our tip out to town in Pahrump on the second day, Trina mentioned if we get to a Starbucks she would be happy for a coffee. We did stop by Starbucks and brought back a number of coffees for the ladies. Tristen helped us divvy out he coffees to the ladies and sat and talked for a while.

    Violet – Met Violet on Saturday and talked for about 10 minutes. Discovered she is Japanese and Caucasian. She is a very personable young lady. I ended up watching the ladies she was hanging with playing cards a few times. The entire group was very sexy and easy to keep a guy satisfied with eye candy… and that can always lead to a bit more.

    Also saw Amber Lynn, Angelica, Erin, ad Fabienne but did not get time to speak with them.

    The days of the trip:

    Day 1 (Friday) – It was about to begin again, another trip to Nevada and Sheri’s Ranch, but this time I was a bit unsure about going and whether or not I had outlived the experience. Got up bright and early that Friday July 18th morning and Dad took me to the airport wishing me well on my vacation. The first flight went extremely well at 45 minutes and to my amazement my layover brought me in through gate C20 and my departure out from gate C19, literally across the walkway, which had never happened to me before. I had an hour layover so I decided to get breakfast knowing it would be awhile (hours) before I would get a chance to eat again. The second flight was also uneventful, but I had a really new experience at McCarron airport due to the flight I had taken; my luggage was in terminal 3 and my ride was in terminal 1. This had never happened before, but I got it figured out and met up with my friend, Deadpool, who it was great to see again. We first went to M&M World in Vegas as there was something there I had been eyeing for a few years and this year I was going to buy it only to find out it was no longer there. Bright side was money not spent on something I didn’t really need anyway.

    Next we headed to Sonic in Pahrump for lunch, or at least I think it was lunch given the time. Got a few groceries at Albertson’s in Pahrump, and then headed for Sheri’s Ranch. Upon getting to Sheri’s ranch, we parked the car and went inside where Char quickly said hello in a very welcoming voice. I met up with the shift manager and let her know I wanted to check in and she indicated it would be a little bit as the office was busy. Deadpool and I sat in a booth and waited for the office to be ready for us. In the meantime Char did speak with us for a little while and I enjoyed her company.

    When the office was ready, we went to check in and happened to be greeted by Destini’s hugs and Kitty Kat’s playful harassment. We got the keys, went to the room, settled in and relaxed and then headed back out to the bar for dinner. It was just before ordering dinner that I had the opportunity to catch up with Brittney Ryder and talk a little with Allissa, which is where I learned she received her birthday present I mailed her just after I checked in that day.

    As things wound down, Deadpool and I went to retire for the night, passing Montana, Hailey Leigh, and a couple of guys hanging out in the courtyard with drinks and pizza.

    Day 2 (Saturday) – After being well rested and getting up at 5:00am, I went outside to find Montana, Hailey Leigh, and a couple of guys were still up from the night before. They invited me to have a seat so I did and came to find out just how funny both Montana and Hailey are. I think both would be excellent choices for a party. About an hour and a half later, they were heading for some sleep and I went back to my room to enter details about my trip so far into this report.

    Went into town (Pahrump) that afternoon and ate at Romero’s where we saw Jaynie, a former Sheri’s bartender, who is doing rather fine, happily married, and in good spirits.

    Afterwards we stopped by Starbucks to pick up a few coffees for the Sheri’s ladies and brought them back for Tristan to hand out since she was the one that requested them. This led to some very interesting chats with Tristan, Trina, Mia, Red, Kim, and Hailey.

    Spend a good bit of the rest of the night talking with and almost closing out the bar with Deadpool and Destini. Deadpool ended up going back to Vegas to spend the night and I would most likely only be seeing him again come Friday.

    Day 3 (Sunday) – Slept so much better the 2nd night than the first. When I awoke, I took a walk outside for a bit, had some breakfast in my room, organized the room a little better than it had been, and took a shower. For the next number of hours I would find myself resting, walking outside, and watching a little TV. In the early afternoon I decided to walk into the bar and ask for Char. It took a little time and she appeared through the curtains. I let her know that I was interested in a party with her and we went back to her room and negotiated successfully for a party that would take place a little later. See that review under Char: A Beautiful Time. Once the party was over and having had skipped lunch, it was time to head into the bar and have dinner, steak and shrimp with fries and broccoli. As I had dinner I couldn’t help but feel voyeuristic at watching a table of five beautiful, radiant young ladies, Mia, Trina, Tristen, Krista, and Angel playing cards and then a drinking game. I so wanted to watch more of this fantastic interaction between the ladies but… maybe it was the party with Char, maybe it’s the East Coast body clock that I am normally on, but at 9:00pm I was exhausted and had to go back to my room where I turned in and must have been asleep in about 5 minutes. Next thing I remember is being up at 5:30am which is way too early when you are on a Sheri’s vacation.

    Day 4 (Monday) – So when I woke at 5:30m on the 4th day of my trip, I decided to slap on my swimsuit and go for a walk outside and near the pool, relax a little, and just be mellow. I had no real plans for the day so I would just have to see where the day would take me.

    And this is what happened… After a bit of writing, I went back outside to the pool and put my feet in. A little while later, Pretty St. Pink came out for a short smoke and then came over to the pool and put her feet in as well saying how the cool of the water felt good in the July sun.

    At lunch time I went into the sports bar and ate, after which Hailey came over and I started to talk to her about basketball which resulted in me giving her a sexy two piece Lakers outfit which she put on and we went outside to talk. At some point, Hailey wanted to know if the pool party I had talked about was going to happen. I told her what the status of that was and she told me to get the water guns and she would get the girls. She managed to round up Tristen, Pretty, Akira and, of course, herself. So here I am outside with 4 half naked ladies in swimwear having a water pistol battle. It wasn’t long before Akira dove right into the pool and two others got topless and soon were in the pool as well. I told one of them that I swore I would be in the pool by the end of the trip and they said to go get my swimwear and make it happen so I did. This now means I am in the pool with two topless ladies and one in a swimsuit. When we were done, we cleaned up everything from around the pool and I went back to my room to change into some dry clothes. Then I went back to the sports bar and bought each of the ladies involved a drink.
    While sitting at the bar near Char, I mentioned that I should have brought a book to read for the downtimes. She asked me what I liked to read and then ended up going back to her room and returning with Lee Child’s “Never Go Back,” a Jack Reacher book for me to borrow.
    Later that night, after dinner, I found myself talking with Hailey and ended up back in her room, her review is Hailey Leigh: A Fun Sexy Time.

    Day 5 (Tuesday) – After being up until 1:30am partly from the party the night before with Hailey and partly due to typing up some more of the review, I found myself sleeping in until 7:00am. I got up, showered and ate some of the grocery items in my room for breakfast. I then went to the office to see if a lady I had been looking forward to seeing had arrived for the new week. She did but would not be cleared to work the floor for a few hours yet as I anticipated. I went into the bar which is always dead at this time of the morning as it doesn’t open until 11:00am, picked out a table under one of the lights and began to read the Jack Reacher novel that Char loaned me the night before. I got to about page 50, Chapter 9 before heading back to the room to relax for a spell.

    So after getting lunch in the bar, Akira entered through the curtains and sat in a booth. I told Marci, the bartender I wanted to buy her a drink. Akira came over to the bar and we introduced ourselves and began to talk about various topics from Music to Board and Video games to Cooking, etc. We ended up talking for quite a spell, until dinner time actually; the bar had been fairly quiet that day except for a few groups coming in for lunch, dinner, and tours.

    At dinner time, Destini came out with a special treat that she told me about earlier in the day which I thanked her for, it was really well appreciated.

    It was around this time I was able to catch up with Karli Brooks again.

    A little later I would call for Chloe, talk to her for a little, take the trip to her room, and ended up asking for a walk since we were unable to come to an agreement at that time.
    It wasn’t too long after that in which Sasha walked into the bar again. Char called her over since she knew I wanted to speak with her and my voice wasn’t reaching her. We had a very nice chat and in a very short spell I ended up talking the trip back to her room with a successful negotiation and a fantastic party to follow! That review is, Sasha, Surrender to the Czech Republic.

    Day 6 (Wednesday) – Wednesday started out fairly standard, a lot of reading Lee Child’s “Never Go Back,” a Jack Reacher book, hanging out by the pool, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After dinner I was ready to feel things out a bit, looked over the sports bar for ladies I may be interested in. There were a couple but I took my time before engaging any of them. At some point Akira moved from one booth to another and after a few minutes noticed her struggling with a phone jack. I went over and made a comment or two which led to me sitting down, buying her a couple of drinks, and talking with her for a number of hours. We took a break at one point to play billiards which we both apparently were lousy at but finished the game out. We sat back down in the booth and it must have been about 10:30pm when I decided to tell her I had mixed ideas; I wanted to take her back to her room but I had also been thinking about taking her with Destini, not a new concept to either of them as it had come up during the week with both of them. Akira looked over at the bar and said to me that Destini is right there, would I like her to go get her. I hesitated and then agreed to have her bring Destini over.

    Akira went to the bar to get Destini and they both came back to the booth and Destini wanted to be brought up to speed. Akira and I explained what I was trying to decide to do and with a little coaxing I made the trip back to Akira’s room with both of them. You can read more in the review, Akira and Destini, a 2 Girl Safari. This party went past midnight and into the next morning.

    Day 7 (Thursday) – Finished up the 2 girl party that morning, said good night to both Destini and Akira. Being a good bit buzzed, I staggered back to my room, got undressed and turned in. I only slept about two hours, probably about enough to let the alcoholic buzz wear off and then I was awake. I was so awake that I got up and dressed, opened the blinds, it still wasn’t light out yet. I was hungry so I made a sandwich out of grocery items in my room then worked on my trip review a little.

    It was now getting light so I grabbed the Jack Reacher book and decided to take advantage of the early morning cool air and read outside. About 2 hours later, I found I had made some real progress and was up to about page 300 of about a 500 page book.

    Went for lunch about Noon and Brian showed up for a ½ day visit. We did a little catching up and hung with Baby Doll, Gigi, Destini, Emma, and Akira.

    Finished the day out reading the Jack Reacher book ending with 45 pages to go.

    Day 8 (Friday) – Cleaned up and had some breakfast from items in my room. I went outside by the pool to finish the Jack Reacher book. It had 69 chapters… cute. Thanks Char. It was an enjoyable read. There was a chance encounter with Destini at the pool. And I turned the book back into the office to return Char since she was leaving that day and I wasn’t sure if I would get the chance personally.

    I welcomed a nice sit down talk with Montana the next to last day of my trip. We spoke of some of places we had been, a few state capitols came up, hunting, different types of bows, weather patterns of different states, how different people view the same weather and the Sheri’s website/forum.

    Welcomed Deadpool back at 6:30pm and had dinner together.

    Partied a second time with Sasha. 2nd negotiations were quick and easy. The 2nd party was everything that the first one had been and it was so natural given we knew each other that much better.

    Went back to my room and crashed.

    Day 9 (Saturday) – Ended the week with a party with Karli Brooks, checking out of the hotel, and an uneventful flight home.

    Things I learned from this trip and others:

    1. Sometimes just sitting in the bar, especially late evening into the night, observing the way people mingle and watching the ladies playful interaction can be very rewarding and entertaining. Sometimes it leads to ideas and sometimes it leads to thinking about who you want to spend more time with.

    2. This is a classic for me now: There will always be another good choice for a party that you did not consider before the trip or did not get to on the current trip.

    3. You can make plans or not, but if you make plans something will always happen to make you alter them. It’s not a bad thing, it is life, and you just have to be flexible enough to make it work out in another way. There is always an alternative that will work. Others may not understand the choice, but that is only because they have a different viewpoint, neither is wrong or right. Both are right for different people.

    4. That partying with different ladies has the advantage of helping one find out more of what they like and what works well for them. On the other hand, partying with the same lady a few times starts to build a better chemistry with that lady and makes for an easier interaction.


    My Thanks to Vickie (Shift Manager), Lorrie (Shift Manager), Paula (Shift Manager), Roxanne (Shift Manager), Carol (Bartender), Marci (Bartender), Carol Ann (Bartender), Dena (House Manager), the people in the office, the kitchen staff, the maintenance crew, the IT team, the housekeeping staff, all the ladies and anyone else who helped make my stay an enjoyable and relaxing time.

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    Stripe I am going to thank you for this and the other detailed posts here. I wish i could do a tour as you have.



    Your thanks for detailed posts are appreciated Flint. A week like is described above is something I have dreamed about for some time. There was a bigger price to pay than just the cost of the parties. It took over a year of saving; just going to work, eating, and sleeping. In that time I maybe saw one or two movies at the theater, didn’t eat out at restaurants, and didn’t get together with my friends hardly at all. I did stay in touch with family and played board and video games at home. Have to say my friends probably wondered what happened to me.

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    It sounds like much deprivation but seemed to me to be worthwhile in the end.



    It was very much worthwhile and something I needed to check off my bucket list at this time. There were some opportunities I was not willing to take the chance on missing again. 🙂



    It was great to see you again Stripe! I’m sorry I didn’t have a chance to model my bday gift but thank you so much and you will get your picture soon 🙂 I didn’t know you noticed the glasses… Nice 🙂



    Sure did notice the glasses Allissa! 🙂 Haven’t received that picture yet and that’s ok, I know you look great in it.

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