Twitter Ladies @SherisBrothel (List updated 7/6/15)


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    Hello, forum. I thought it would be neat to post a list of all the ladies’ twitter accounts here in the forum. Gentlemen, the ladies are quite active on twitter and fun to tweet with. Plus you are helping to promote their businesses via social media; the more positive traffic on this subject the better.

    I just joined twitter a few weeks ago, but I think I’ve found a lot of the ladies’ accounts. Here they are, in alphabetical order (work before pleasure, though):

    Akira @akira_soprano
    Allissa ‏@allissa4you
    Amber Lynn ‏@am_fabulous
    Andrea Raquel @AndreaRaquel23
    Angel Parr @angelparr2
    Angelica ‏@Angelicascottx
    Ashlee at Sheri’s ‏@SurfsUpAshlee
    Baby Doll @babyy_dolll
    Belle Lux @bombshell8103
    Brittney Ryder ‏@BrittneyRyder
    BROOKLYN VIP BANK$ @_BrooklynBanks
    Callie @yungtender_
    Cassiebo ‏@Cassiebo1
    Charina Lee @Leecharina
    Chloe @chloepistol
    Destini @sweetdestini
    Ellie @Elliebby1
    Emma ‏@EmmaVictoria_
    Erin O’Hara @Ging3rMafia
    Eva Morales ‏@Cortigiana_Eva
    Gigi @gigi_tomomi
    hailey leigh @midwesthottest2
    Jasmine Jones @JasmineJonez
    Jeniveve Delacroix @JeniveveD
    Joy ‏@SherisJoy
    Juna @juna_honey
    Karli Brooks ‏@KarliBrooksXXX
    Kellie Love @kellielove92
    Kitty Cat @tinymamama
    Krista Belle @KristaBelle69
    Lady Char ‏@TheLadyChar
    Liv ‏@Liv_B23
    Logan Rose ‏@LoganRose_
    mandi love @MandiLove69
    Marilynn @Marilynn_Bby
    Michelle Lai ‏@MichelleLai_xo
    Monroe Rivers @Monroe_Rivers
    Montana ‏@BlueEyedMontana
    Myssi Jane @Myssi_Jane
    Naughty Tatyana @naughtytatyana
    Paloma Del Castillo @lovingpaloma
    Phoenix ‏@SensualPhoenix
    Pretty St. Pink @prettystpink
    prism @StrawberryPrism
    Rain @nymphoRAINiac
    Red Diamonds @1Red_Diamonds
    Riley @sexyriley01
    RussianSarainNV ‏@RussianSarainNV
    Sasha @Europeansasha
    scarlett belle @ladytiana26
    Shay @theDonnaJuan
    Shiloh Renae ‏@ShilohRenae
    Suzanne ‏@SultrySuzanne
    Tiffany Hilton @TiffanyHiltonxx
    Trina Diamond @TrinaDiamond23
    violet @color_me_violet

    Sheris Ranch Brothel ‏@SherisBrothel
    Aaron @TheVegasAaron
    Dena ‏@RanchMamaDena
    Firefighter @FiremanEngineer
    Jeremy L @ejeremy

    If I missed anyone, please post their account info.
    Thank you, ladies, and thank you Sheri’s Ranch!

    *FF updated list on July 06, 2015



    Thanks pierced, you are so helpful, in many ways!

    Allissa’s Courtesan’s Official Page Profile, Photos, Schedule, Statistics, and Reviews:


    Amber Lynn

    You are fabulous! Good idea thank you!



    No problemo, you both are most welcome. Thank you guys for making twitter so fun. 🙂



    I follow many of these ladies, and they are all so sweet and sexy



    Thanks Pierced!

    Destini’s Courtesan’s Official Page Profile, Photos, Schedule, Statistics, and Reviews:



    Two more additions to the list:

    Naughty Tatyana @naughtytatyana
    Rain @nymphoRAINiac



    A couple more 🙂

    Gigi @gigi_tomomi
    Juna @juna_honey
    Charina Lee is now @Leecharina
    Chloe @chloepistol
    Kitty Cat @tinymamama
    Akira @akira_soprano
    Sasha @Europeansasha
    Callie @yungtender_

    Just a few I can think of 🙂

    Allissa’s Courtesan’s Official Page Profile, Photos, Schedule, Statistics, and Reviews:



    Thank you Alissa for adding me on to the missing girls list lol and thank you so much Pierced for all your support!!!



    bellelux @bombshell8103

    Belle Lux’s Courtesan’s Official Page Profile, Photos, Schedule, Statistics, and Reviews:


    Angel Parr

    Angel Parr @angelparr2



    Thanks for this great list!!! For those of you who love a good voice and sexy song, check my Twitter post today!: @juna_honey

    Reservations: (866) 820-9100
    Schedule: Aug 19-24, Sept 9-22, Oct 14-27



    Have only begun to check out some of the ladies on Twitter. Are they allowed to tweet while away from Sheri’s?



    Yes, the Ladies can tweet anytime because their twitter accounts are their own, and they can log in from anywhere.

    The message system can be accessed by running your cursor over the top right hand portion of the screen where members would log out or edit their profiles.


    Eva M

    I love this list! It’s the easiest way to communicate with us and see a little more of our personalities outside of our Sheri’s profile. I try and tweet every Friday a list of all the girls to follow and update it often to make sure all the girls at Sheri’s that are on Twitter get the love, support and exposure to our followers. Sheri’s Girls Rock!

    Eva Morales’s Courtesan’s Official Profile, Photos, Schedule, Statistics, and Reviews:


    Kellie Love

    I need to be added to this list!


    I love to message in real time and share sexy photos!


    Brooklyn Bank$

    Add 1 more name to the list! Ciao!


    Xoxo, BB



    Brooklyn Bank$ said, “Add 1 more name to the list! Ciao!


    Xoxo, BB

    Dear Brooklyn,
    I’ve added your Twitter handle to the January 8, 2015 updated “Twitter Ladies of @SherisBrothel” list!
    XO FF


    Scarlett Belle

    heres mine

    scarlett belle


    thanks doll!


    Paloma Del Castillo

    Thank you so much for adding my name to the new list!

    Make your appointment with me here
    I can only answer your emails when I’m visiting the Ranch on the following dates:
    August 3rd-August 18th
    September 28th-Oct 6th
    November 2nd-November 9th

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