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    To all,

    Just returned home from an entire week at the ranch and, as usual, had a great time seeing friends existent and fresh.

    Char was there, it was great seeing you again. I know you were so very busy this week to have a lot of face time or heaven forbid time alone but what time we did share I did and do indeed treasure. This girl has a booty that should be registered a lethal weapon in all 50 states and she knows how to use it. Next time we do lunch together, Japanese, Thai whatever. I love you Spark….. your my girl.

    I met Eva, holy cow guys you’re in for it if you haven’t yet. When she walks in the room her essence is ever present. Legs like a waterfall and buns shaped like a heart. When she walks away her back side looks like a gunny sack full of kittens, poetry in motion. She was wearing this cute pink/salmon frock that she rocked. She crinkles her nose when she smiles and laughs, she is warm and lovable. Eva my love to you– Kissy face, kissy face, kissy face….and thank you.

    Olivia- the world’s most beautiful Latino girl was there. Yes guys she’s Latino, light porcelain like skin, blonde hair, brown eyes. A bona fide man killer….in a good way!!! Love Ya Liv!!!

    Amber AKA Miss Fab was in the house arranging scrabble,doing overall coordination and doing what she does so well…………being absolutely fabulous.

    I met Kimmy, what a sweet woman, she reminds me of that cute girl next door that you can’t get enough of. Didn’t have a lot of face time with her either but perhaps in the future and with any luck maybe more. Funny thing is the most precious time I had with her was in the office while I was checking out, she was real and authentic it was quite touching and profound. Hope you like the spice and nice and if you can’t find it remember I’m not far from the mill…..just come find me. I won’t forget you and I hope to get to know you better in the future. I think we could become good friends.

    Allissa- My girl, my love, my itty bit we had a bunch of great time together. She is such an exceptional young woman, a woman of this caliber is to be revered and held in high esteem as I do. We spent time together alone and then not so alone (more on that later).

    Cici- Nipples, Nipples, Nipples. You’re spectacular and I’m glad we finally had time together yet not quite alone. It was a long time coming (pardon the pun).

    Angelica- Always great seeing you a true authentic girl…gotta love her.

    Kat- A classic…Kat’s a cat that knows just where its at.

    Brittney Ryder- The girl with the “it” factor. Great seeing you again, miss you always.

    Erin- A new girl to the house….Love the gingers…yikes guys she’s more than slightly adorable. Don’t let her pass you by.

    Mandy Love- Sweet, lovable, fun, kind, insightful and sharp. Gotta love her.

    Ashlee- More beautiful now then when I first met her years ago. Still the sweet Ashlee that I’ve come to know and love but I don’t know how her beauty keeps multiplying. In a word…………. Breathtaking.

    Baby Doll- Didn’t get enough of this Coco Goddess!!

    Logan- Great seeing her again yet our time was fleeting.

    Chloe, Isadora, Tara Bell- All great ladies.

    Emma- Two words – Aussie Accent…………hot!!!

    Naughty Nadia- Yes she is and I will testify!!!!!!

    Scarlett- It was great getting to know you, perhaps more intimately at another time. Boys, she cute, smart and has a unique and interesting allure, very genuine and approachable. This is a brainy girl!!!

    Met Firefighter, in his fire suit nonetheless, Dude its too hot I know you’re dedicated but holy smoke ( Pun intended).

    I have three party reports to file, First Allissa, my alluring Allissa, love this girl!!! I met her on her first or second tour a few years ago when we had time alone. Then it was obvious she was new to the game, it was sweet as she is, it is a time I will always cherish. As I will this time with a more sophisticated Allissa and even more endearing to my heart. I love you itty bit you’ll always be in my heart!!!!!!!!!!

    Then a first for me, even in as many years as I have been in the hobby.

    Not one.

    Not Two.

    But a THREE GIRL PARTY!!! and I lived to tell about it.

    With my alluring Allissa, CiCi and Naughty Nadia…four on a bed….maximum closeness. This was epic and I hope the review to be equal to it.

    Finally, A party with Michelle Lai, this sweet southern belle rang mine. Again another genuine and authentic woman that you just can’t help but love!!!

    Hope I didn’t leave anybody out, reviews to come soon in the next couple of weeks. Things came unglued at home in my absence so its going to take a bit of time to get these out.

    In closing, ladies I love you all, I am grateful for the time we spent in and/or outside of your private space(s). Spending time with you just getting to know you and your fine qualities was indeed my pleasure. I can think of no better way to spend my pleasure time.

    To you, Dena, Marci ( Nevada’s hottest bartender), Carol, Rose, Gloria, all the ladies in the office and the rest of the staff at Sheri’s Ranch I leave you with……………

    My Best,




    Mav thanks for the summary. I have a had a two girl party before but three I might not live through.




    I thought the same thing but a part of me thought SO THE HELL WHAT!!!!!!! I know how my relatives passed this would be so much more creative and pleasurable…..besides my dad would be GREEN with envy at the mere prospect. If I were to pick my spot this would be it….however the effects on the ladies is enough to be cautious and not lose myself so to speak.

    What an experience!!!!

    My Best,




    i appreciate your view on this. maybe someday in the future, although I do not know how long it would take to choose three ladies, seeing as it might be my last party there.




    If you are serious about this it is truly a simple process. For maximum chances of ultimate success I would follow this protocol: you pick the first lady, then either she selects the others or in tandem with the first lady the other two are chosen. In a party of this nature it is critical that all three ladies have a certain chemistry and are able to work together. Allissa was my first choice, it was her exclusive decision to pull Naughty Nadia and CiCi in, it was an exceptional decision and an unbelievable party. They all came together as a cohesive unit, seamless and stellar, not as hard as some may think…..after this its all a wild ride.

    If you might be near your last blast I recommend it.

    I highly recommend this trio and Allissa as sage for any situation.

    My Best,




    Mav that sounds like a really good technique. I have partied with Allissa so she might make a good anchor for that kind of party.


    Amber Lynn


    It was FABULOUS as usual!!!

    I look forward to your visit next year…bring on the skinny bitches!!!



    It was so great to see you again Mav! I enjoyed both of our hot parties and thank you for trusting me with arranging your first 3girl party! You are an awesome guy and we enjoyed your company and treats all week!



    Hey Mr Maverick! How’s it hangin dude?


    Brittney Ryder

    It was great seeing you again!
    Come back soon.

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