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    This winter time think of those we hold so dear,
    Whether far away or ever so near,
    Think of the troops who serve for us all,
    So we can live knowing our countries won’t fall,

    Think of the needy and homeless in these cold nights,
    Suffering poverty and cold not able to have simple basic delights,
    Think of the elderly all alone,
    No one to chat with on the phone,

    We are so lucky to have friends and family,
    Think how different life could be,
    Think of the beggar on the street,
    Give them a friendly warm smile as you greet,

    A dollar or two enough for a warm drink,
    As hypothermia really does stink,
    Most are there through no fault of their own,
    So be generous and at them don’t moan,

    This winter time I think of friends and family,
    And how much they mean to me,
    To all my Nevada ladies I am blessed to know,
    My love for you all I will always show.



    That’s so sweet Pete. Thank you and love to you too!


    Charina Lee

    I love your poems! Just amazing!!!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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