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    Veterans Day, a day to be thankful,
    To show service men and women we are grateful,
    For their sacrifices present and past,
    Our respect for these heros will forever last,

    They risked their lives so we could be free,
    I hope they know what they mean to me,
    For all the wars they have faught,
    Peace and security for us they brought,

    We are so grateful to you one and all,
    We shed a tear for all those that fall,
    Your forever in our thoughts and prayers,
    The people of your country for you truly cares.


    Charina Lee

    That is a beautiful poem. I love our vets! I grew up on Clarks Air Force Base in the Philippines. Vest ROCK! Thank you UK Pete!



    I know what you mean I was born in a army hospital and grew up with the British army thanks to my father serving his country for 24 years


    Charina Lee

    Well God bless your Dad UK Pete. My dad served most of his adult life. People sometimes don’t know their history and they don’t know just how important the battles during WWII were in the Philippines. So many sacrifices!



    So try both my grandfathers served in WWII and neither of them could talk about what they went through and seen, it was to upsetting, my brother served and was killed during the Faulklands war in the 80’s, and 3 friends I grew up with have died in the gulf and Afghanistan. Not only does war destroy the lives of our service man and women, but also the ones they leave behind.

    Bloody politicians are so quick to send our troops in, would they be so quick to do so if they had to lead them in in person???

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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