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    Hi i have never done this before and nervous but here goes. I am 24 and i am in remission from cancer for almost 2 years now and i am very nervous and shy around women that are beautiful and lovely. I am planning on coming out to Vegas for my bro’s 21st Birthday and was thinking of going to you guys but i am very shy and don’t know if I should. Also due to the bills from when i was going through chemo and such i am really tight on the cash department but i keep on getting told to come out to you guys (My doctor even said to come to you guys lol) and thats what i think i might do. I just happen to have a couple questions. Whats the dress attire i need and do you guys negotiate with the pricing?



    Mr Hammer,

    First off, major props for getting the best of cancer! Second, you essentially have a Dr’s referral to visit a brothel filled with exquisite women, and you STILL aren’t sure?!?! Do it! 😉
    Now for your questions I’ll be as straight as I can:
    -Sheri’s deals with all sorts customers, and I can confidently say that your concerns won’t be an issue for most of the women there. Shyness, virginity, and all manner of disabilities are actually pretty common, and will be handled with skill and compassion.
    -Shyness will only be an issue if you let it keep you from communicating what you are looking for. Don’t do that. Be a bit shy or nervous is to be expected though. The ladies understand, and many would describe themselves as shy too.
    -There is no “proper” attire. That said, being well dressed is going to help your cause. If you really want to make an impression, sport a sharp suit. Jeans and a nice shirt will work just fine as well. Hell, I’ve even seen a dude stroll in wearing 70’s style sweatpants and a hoodie! (Warning! That gentleman quickly found that everyone was “busy”, and his visit was NOT a success!). You don’t have to be a male model, but being clean and well groomed is a MUST! Which leads me to my next point…
    -You asked about negotiable prices, and the short answer is “Yes”, each woman sets her own prices, and activities that can be negotiated. With that in mind, your date will be much more willing to work with your budget if you are nice, clean, respectful and polite…you know, someone she might actually want to have sex with! Realistically, I think you’re looking at a minimum of several hundred. Not cheap, I know, but I doubt that you’d regret it.

    My advice:
    -Rock a suit and tie, or dress up as much as possible so that you’re looking your best. It shows you want to do this right.
    -Don’t do the lineup. Sit at the bar and have a drink instead. This will give you a chance to relax a bit. If someone catches your eye, ask the hostess to talk with her, then buy her a drink (preferably from the amazing Marci!!), and chat.
    -If you hit it off, she’ll ask if you want to go back to her room to negotiate. I suggest that you play it straight up, and explain your situation, what activities that you were interested in, and that you’re entire budget is $XXX. She will either agree, suggest a different time or activities, or just say no…but either way since you’ve indicated your bankroll is low, at least she won’t feel like you’re just chiseling her or be offended.

    Hope that is somewhat helpful, and best of luck!




    Well doctor knows best!

    There are a lot of ladies here who love working with virgins so you don’t need to worry about being shy.

    What you wear is really up to you. Some people like to dress up for the occasion but others prefer to keep it casual. Although you might want to wear something a little nicer than worn-out sweats and flip flops hehe. Whatever you would usually wear to a sports bar is fine.

    Yes prices are negotiable. Once you find the lady you would like to party with she will discuss prices with you in her room.

    Have you read our blog post on losing your virginity at Sheri’s Ranch? http://newblog.sherisranch.com/legal-prostitution/losing-virginity/




    The only thing I would disagree with YB_Goode about is the suit. If you’re not used to wearing suits you will not be comfortable. I’m not sure where you’re from or when you will be here but it gets very hot in Pahrump and you want to be able to relax. Just be yourself. Being clean and well groomed is definitely good, but don’t go all out on a suit if it isn’t you. Slacks or even some nice jeans and a shirt is more than enough.


    Charina Lee

    Hi! We’ll be waiting for you!!!! 🙂




    Good point Emma! I hadn’t considered he may feel uncomfortable in a suit.

    My thinking was that it would be more of a confidence builder. Sort of a “when you look good, you feel good” thing. I know that many of the women have mentioned men in suits are a turn-on…and that was certainly my experience. But yeah, most of the time I show up in jeans and a nice shirt. Either way, you’ll have a great time!





    One thing you certainly will wish to do is rent a car and drive yourself, particularly if you are budget conscience.

    The limo may indeed be complimentary….but its not free.

    My Best,




    Congrats on your success and welcome to Sheri’s and our forum! Yes our ladies are negotiable and please don’t let that hold you back from coming to visit and find out for yourself . Email ladies if you have any interests. Our schedules are posted on our profile so you are able to match dates. Good luck and feel free to email me!



    Hey thanks guys for all the information and i will keep it in mind. Unfortunately my plans got canceled for coming out for the time being. I was coming out this week for my younger brothers BDay weekend thing but a family emergency happened and now i am unable to go at the moment. All i know is that i should hopefully maybe make it out there during the winter yule. 🙁
    I have another question tho, Do you have any women there that can take on the role of the dominate partner cause i am somewhat of a submissive.



    There are a number of ladies who are happy to take on a dominant role, to varying degrees. Most ladies understand that they might have to take charge in the party when they are working with a virgin. This is also something you can ask about when you email someone. Or when you come in you can bring it up when you are discussing the party in the lady’s room.



    I was looking on the accommodations area on your site and i noticed that you guys don’t have anything listed for fridays prices for a room are you guys opened on fridays? Also how far in advance do i have to book in order to get a room?

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    Hey DH…
    The rates shown as “Sat-Sun” are the rates that apply on Fridays. Most Sunday nights are at the lower rate. How far in advance you should book depends on when you’ll be there. If there’s a party (Halloween, Christmas, etc.), book your room as soon as you know you’ll be going. Most of the time, getting a room isn’t a problem. I’ve been known to show up unannounced and get one. Still, there’s no harm in booking in advance.
    Also, you’ll notice that the rates for the suites are only $20 or $40 more than are the rates for the standard rooms. Spend the extra money and get one of the suites!


    First off, CANCER SUCKS! Second off, Beautiful Ladies are Awesome! Thirdly, you are an amazingly brave individual. Like Anakin suggests, staying in the hotel is a great option, no worring about time constraints, driving at odd hours, or drinking too much. Also like many of the lovely ladies have suggested, email us and get to know us. I love emails, I feel it creates apersonal connection that allows a party to go more smoothly. We all hope you make it out here soon!

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