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    I’m usually not the kiss and tell sort of guy. However I have to let you know part of my playtime with Allissa was in the Nuru Room. It started with getting wet in the shower together. Then having that vixen rub her body all over me. It is an experience that unless you done it, you don’t know how to discribe. The pleasure of having her wet body sliding over mine, AMAZING. The sensuality is off the charts. This woman is amazing. I know it wasn’t the same for her when I got to slide over her. This woman has skills, I couldn’t do half of what she did to me. Lets just say I had to continue our bungalow party with a bathtub session after that. Who knew I got a fetish of having her wet skin on mine. There is definitely going to be a repeat of this. Maybe more.



    Hmm first Nuru then bungalow. I did not think about that combo.



    Thanks for the fun review and great recommendation of our new Nuru Room! It’s so much fun and so sexy at the same time! Sounds like we will need to have more fun with our wet bodies next time

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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