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    I like the Bubble Bath or Shower Party.

    Just the thought of taking a hot bath or shower with a hot woman from Sheri’s Ranch…unforgettable.

    What is your favorite service from the sex menu?

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    My two favorites are the two hour Bungalow Party which includes a bubble bath, and the 90 minute GFE Party.

    Bungalow Party http://www.sherisranch.com/vip-bungalows/

    GFE http://www.sherisranch.com/sex-menu/GFE-Girl-Friend-Experience.aspx


    Brooklyn Bank$

    I like the Bubble Bath or our very own Formal Dining room including a dinner & dessert on my knees!!! Come explore these fabulous suites with the newest addition here at Sheri’s Ranch!!



    @firefighter are the times in your post the most common chosen for those two parties or subject to negotiation?


    Eva M

    My favorite is a mutual massage! I love touching and being touched. There’s something so sensual and erotic about exploring each others bodies with nothing but a little bit of warm oil between us. A hot bath is a close second only after we’ve worked out all the knots 😉 😉




    The Bungalow party minimum time is usually 2 hours, because dinner and drinks are served. I believe the most common time requested for a GFE party is one hour. However, I sometimes take longer to climax so I like a little time limit cushion.



    Dear Brooklyn Bank$,

    Welcome to Sheri’s Ranch. You look HOT in your photos! I hope to meet you in person on my next visit! XO FF

    Brooklyn Bank$’ Official Page Profile, Photos, Schedule, Statistics and Reviews http://www.sherisranch.com/lady.aspx?id=659



    Eva M:

    I am thinking about getting the reciprocal massage. I want to touch one of the beautiful women at Sheri’s Ranch desperately. I want to feel her smooth back, arms, neck, and definitely hands.

    I do not want to have quick, meaningless sex with a Courtesan. I want to get to know her personally and feel something special between us.


    Charina Lee

    Well rewith85man; you won’t go wrong with a reciprocal massage with Eva….I WANT a reciprocal massage with EVA! LOL. She’s so genuine, beautiful and talented. I think it’s great you want to get to know a courtesan first. That shows a lot of thoughtfulness about how you feel about sex, friendships, etc.




    Thanks for the info, Charina.



    GFE or 2 girl parties are some of my favorite. I also love to try new things and make our own menu!


    Kellie Love

    I have many favorites! One of the perks about having a menu is that a traditional meal isn’t just one food item. So your sex menu will consist of many different “foods” or courses. With that being said, I would indulge in 5 star meal! Playland overnight anyone??

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