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Sex Menu 2016


It’s a longstanding tradition for a legal Nevada brothel to offer a menu of erotic services. In order to provide the very best customer experience, Sheri’s Ranch is continually updating its sex menu to cater to ever evolving trends and … full story…

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Health Benefits of Prostitution


It has often been said that visiting a prostitute at a legal Nevada brothel is the healthiest way to have sex with a stranger. Since Nevada sex workers are tested weekly for STD’s and condom use is mandatory at these … full story…

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Sex Buyer Study: A Sex Worker’s Response


My name is Perla and I am a licensed courtesan at Sheri’s Ranch. I have been a sex worker legally through the Nevada system for three years, and I have serviced a considerable number of male clients. This month, a … full story…

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Meet the Millennial Prostitutes


There are over 50 million millennials in the American workforce. Born between the early 1980s and the early 2000’s, millennials have been both lauded for their entrepreneurship and criticized for their self-centeredness. Regardless of how they’re viewed by previous generations, … full story…

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Sex and Music, a Prostitute’s Passions


I have two great passions, music and sex. Thanks to legal Nevada brothels like Sheri’s Ranch, I’m able to explore both of these interests to the highest degree. I work at the Las Vegas area bordello two weeks out of … full story…

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Hot, Steamy Summer Vacation Sex!


The 4th of July is right around the corner, and Las Vegas is ready to host the 300,000 visitors that usually make their way to Sin City to celebrate Independence Day, Vegas-style. Gaming, partying, and all sorts of debauchery are … full story…

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Sheri’s Ranch Featured in VICE Canada Documentary


In a blog post about Canada’s new prostitution laws published last year, we discussed the merits of Nevada’s time-tested legal sex industry and suggested that it just might be a better model than C-36, the new Canadian law which criminalizes … full story…

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Brothels Aren’t Just For Men Anymore

Sheri's Ranch

Nevada’s legal brothels are often depicted as sex tourism destinations catering exclusively to middle-aged men looking for hot rendezvous with naughty women. While it’s certainly true that men visit brothels so that they can explore their most safeguarded sexual fantasies … full story…

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Let’s Talk Sex – First Time at a Legal Brothel


Las Vegas is notorious for its gambling, fine dining, impeccable shopping, and a lively night life. When in Vegas, a trip out to Pahrump to visit Sheri’s Ranch should definitely be on the list of things to do. It will … full story…

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Athletes, Sportscasters, and Prostitutes! An Epidemic!


Two weeks ago, former New York Knicks player Greg Anthony was caught soliciting a prostitute. This morning, Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp was arrested for the same thing. Both men had careers in broadcast sports at the time … full story…

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