Sex is beautiful, sex is good, sex sells, and it is available 24/7 to the multitude of men and women looking to purchase a hot fantasy experience. Whether that experience is viewing a naughty pay-per-view video, gratifying oneself with the latest pleasure toy, visiting a strip club with coworkers after a long day at work, or enjoying an evening with a lovely legal courtesan (or two); the sex industry is ready, willing, and ever so able to cater to the desires of its loyal customers.

Adult entertainment is my passion. When I purchased Sheri’s Ranch and rebuilt the brothel as the first legal sex resort in the United States, it was a thrill to witness the positive reactions from customers as they walked through the doors into a world of enchanting debauchery. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of guests have visited our establishment, and crack an impish grin when they reflect on their time at Sheri’s. My staff and I know firsthand that Sheri’s Ranch provides a valuable service because our customers tell us so, and they reward our efforts with their patronage.

There is a huge responsibility that comes with running a successful sex business, it is the responsibility for us to cultivate and maintain a fair, safe, and healthy environment for our courtesans, employees, and customers.

In the late 80’s, legislation was passed in Nevada that required not only mandatory HIV tests for all women working in legal brothels but also mandatory use of condoms for all penetrative sex acts. Consequently, there has never been a case of a person contracting an STD of any sort as a result of an encounter with a legal prostitute at a licensed Nevada brothel. With thousands upon thousands of individuals participating in sex acts at Nevada brothels each year, that’s quite an achievement.

Condoms work. They work for legal brothels in Nevada, and they will work for the adult video industry.

It’s unfortunate that the adult video industry in California is still fighting a statewide mandate for condom use in adult films. I implore the adult industry to first acknowledge that the health and safely of adult performers is in jeopardy under the current system and that it needs a remedy, and secondly to adapt and enforce the mandatory use of condoms for all adult film production.

The equation that makes the Nevada Brothel industry a successful platform for sex without any repercussion or victims is a proven method.

About Chuck Lee

Chuck Lee, owner of the Resort & Spa at Sheri’s Ranch, is an accomplished business leader, entrepreneur, and public servant. For over a decade Chuck Lee and his driven team have worked to cultivate the premier legal brothel experience in the United States: Sheri’s Ranch.
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2 Responses to An Open Letter to the Adult Video Industry

  1. Jayla Diamond says:

    I enjoyed your post a lot and also have a huge passion for all adult entertainment! I love being a courtesan at Sheri’s Ranch and the safety, security & support that I feel while I’m there makes me feel right at home! 🙂

  2. Roger U says:

    Isn’t this an apples and oranges thing – the distinction between porn and prostitution? The real question is: will people pay to watch covered porn? Porn companies claim that they wont want to watch porn w/ condoms. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying actors shouldn’t be safe – just trying to understand why the porn industry is fighting against condoms.

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