In a blog post about Canada’s new prostitution laws published last year, we discussed the merits of Nevada’s time-tested legal sex industry and suggested that it just might be a better model than C-36, the new Canadian law which criminalizes johns who patronize sex workers. The law treats all clients as predators and wrongly assumes all sex workers are unwilling victims coerced into the profession.

The Canadian arm of VICE Media, the multi-platform news and entertainment juggernaut, recently released a definitive documentary about Canada’s new prostitution law. The documentarians interview policy makers, law enforcement, sex workers, and clients in order to frame a comprehensive picture of C-36, and gain a better understanding of the law’s impact on the Canadian sex work industry.

VICE also visited Sheri’s Ranch and interviewed Madam Dena and two of her courtesans, Destini and Allissa, to learn about how the regulated, legal Nevada sex industry functions. So how does Sheri’s Ranch fare against Canada’s new prostitution model? Watch the video and draw your own conclusion…

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2 Responses to Sheri’s Ranch Featured in VICE Canada Documentary

  1. rewith85man says:

    If the people of the law or whatever think that these courtesans are victims of human trafficking, then they are not as smart as they claim to be. They need to check out Sheri’s Ranch or any other brothel for themselves.

    Why does it seem that society are putting more focus and concern on these legal courtesans than they are with the actual victims of human trafficking, sexual assault, etc.?

  2. CandyAndy says:

    Good documentary! The Canadian approach is definitely too confusing and one of the speakers is right to say that many other laws apply to aide any person who is in an abusive situation. The problem lies in the degree of seriousness it is taken in the eyes of people in authority. Let full legalization take place and then allow adults to make adult decisions.

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