As if we needed further evidence indicating that LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a racist, CNN’s Don Lemon recently interviewed another individual who managed to record audio of Sterling making detestable, condemnable racial remarks. This time, the recordings came from Sterling’s pimp, an aspiring rapper named Maseratimet.

At this stage of the Donald Sterling media firestorm, there is little question that the billionaire is a highly prejudiced, intolerant, xenophobic, narrow-minded person who has exhibited racism in not only his recently revealed conversations but also in his deplorable actions over the years.

But what’s interesting is that these latest audio leaks come from an escort provider, a pimp who has been supplying Sterling with women for over five years. Maseratimet is obviously exploiting his relationship with Sterling in order to garner media attention. The pimp didn’t break the story; he didn’t release audio in order to reveal something about Sterling’s racism that the public didn’t already know. Maseratimet recorded and released his audio only after the Stiviano recordings generated a massive media hurricane.  Maseratimet did it to acquire fame and benefit himself.

When should prostitute/client trust be broken?

Maseratimet was able to record a candid phone conversation with Donald Sterling because Sterling trusted him. Trust is one of the most important attributes of a prostitute/client relationship.

Trust assures the client that his or her erotic rendezvous with working girls are discreet and private. Trust allows the client to fully let go of his or her inhibitions and explore fetishes and sexual scenarios that the client might not be comfortable exploring with a judgmental partner. Trust means that the client’s reputation in society, good or bad, will not be deliberately affected in any way by the sex partners he or she pays for.

Maseratimet broke Donald Sterling’s trust. Did he have a right to do so because Sterling’s reputation was already in jeopardy? Did he have a right to exploit their relationship because there was something for Maseratimet to gain?

When should the trust between a sexual service provider and a client be broken? We at Sheri’s Ranch believe that the answer is “Never.”

The Maseratimet incident is yet another example of why legal Nevada brothels are the only manifestation of prostitution that can be trusted to be thoroughly discreet. Illegal escort services and opportunistic pimps, even those that cater to high-end clients, have been known to betray the trust of their clients for personal gain.

Sheri’s Ranch has a perfect record of trust and discretion. The courtesans and staff working at Sheri’s will never take a cheap shot for temporary gain against our clients, regardless of that client’s current standing in society. Ultimately, our impeccable reputation as a trusted Las Vegas area institution is more valuable to us that any media opportunity or payoff. After all, as Donald Sterling shows us, if you don’t have a great reputation, then what do you really have?

Photo of Donald Sterling By Cliffwildes (NBA event) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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2 Responses to Donald Sterling and his Pimp

  1. Red Diamonds says:

    I was recently asked if I would party with Donald Sterling, my answer was hell yes!!! I disagree with his opinions & beliefs, but he has rights just like everyone else. You can’t stop people from being racist or prejudice. Lol, I will gladly take his money and give him a great session to take care of my racially mixed child… Just my thoughts.

  2. Erin says:

    Discretion is the name of the game. Here at Sheri’s we practice the utmost secrecy when it comes to our clients, and you have the guarantee that’s backed by our proven track record and legal status. When you call an escort you don’t have any assurance that what you say or do will be kept behind closed doors. My advice, come to Sheri’s where you’re secrets are safe with us… As for Mr. Sterling, all I can say is when you use call girls don’t do or say anything in private that you don’t want aired publicly.

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