If you are a male over the age of 20, and you have never had sex, you are one of the millions of adult virgin men living in the United States. American culture places an unrelenting stigma on adult virgins, treating them as oddities or, even worse, as psychologically and sexually flawed beings who have never been wholly integrated into adult society.

Recent virginity studies have shown that adult virgins are much more common than one might suspect. With the odds of an adult male having had no female partner being around 1 in 36, one thing is certain: If you are an adult virgin, you are not alone!

There are two primary reasons why a man has not had sex by the age of 21:

  1. He chooses not to have sex and is not seeking a sexual encounter.
  2. He wants to have sex, but something is preventing him from having his first sexual encounter.

If you are of the second sort, you have likely discovered this article because you want to have sex for the first time and you’re considering the possibility of losing your virginity to a prostitute. You may be surprised to learn that there is a safe and legal way to lose your virginity to a professional sexual service provider.

Why Lose Your Virginity To A Prostitute?

In 2009 Cheryl Lavin, a relationship advice columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, stirred up some controversy when she suggested that a 40 year old virgin visit a prostitute. “Sexual experience equals confidence equals attraction,” wrote Lavin, insinuating that women find sexually immature men less attractive.

It is certainly true that the confidence that comes with experience will strengthen a man’s ability to cope with adult sexual situations, but sexual experience isn’t necessarily easy for adult virgins to acquire.  The reason why an adult male virgin usually contemplates an encounter with a prostitute is because having sex for the first time is very difficult for someone trapped in the “virginity cycle.”

Some men, by the time they hit their twenties, enter into this cycle. The cycle is what happens when a man has never had sex and the resulting anxiety and lack of confidence causes him to fail time and again when either seeking sex or  when attempting to perform sexually. These failures lead to more anxiety and, as time moves unremittingly forward, his attempts at sex are farther and fewer between. Before he knows it, years have passed and he finds that he is a 30, 40, or even 60 year-old virgin. The cycle is the worst thing that could happen to a virgin because his perceived sexual inadequacy causes him to miss out on years of potentially great relationships – not to mention great sex.

Visiting a prostitute just might be the ideal way to break this dreaded cycle because an adult virgin goes into the situation knowing that he will have sex with the prostitute. The prostitute functions as a sympathetic service provider, using her prowess and sensuality to deflower and educate her virgin client so that he is prepared to re-enter the world as a confident, sexually capable lover.

Legal Prostitutes And Adult Virgins

Prostitution is illegal in most parts of the United States. It is unsafe and unwise to engage street walkers or illegal escorts with virginity issues, as these ladies may not be adequately tested for STD’s and likely won’t possess the necessary sensitivity and patience to appropriately pleasure and instruct an adult virgin.

Only the state of Nevada has licensed brothels where a discreet encounter can legally take place between a virgin and a prostitute. Legal courtesans in Nevada have been safely and satisfactorily servicing virgins for decades. Here’s what several of these women, all highly experienced with virgin clients, have to say about the virgin/prostitute experience…

Over my years at a Nevada brothel I’ve had the honor of de-virginizing several men, both young and old. Why do men come to us to lose their v-card? Because we are professionals who can act as lover and teacher. We are neutral yet caring. We want you to love sex as much as we do, and we can show you how to do just that. –Char


Haute Shots
Some of my favorite sessions are with people who are inexperienced and have yet to explore their sexuality. I like teaching them how to enjoy not only themselves but how to please a woman. Sometimes people are shy about telling a person they are interested in that they are still a virgin. In a brothel atmosphere we’re open to sex and make it easy for a virgin to loose their inhibitions and test the waters before sharing it with their loved one. We can teach you sexual skills that will make anyone squirm. Losing your V-Card is a very big deal, there is a lot of nervousness and thoughts of “will I be good enough” as well as other questions running through your mind. Brothels allow virgins to communicate with professional sex workers where we can put their mind at ease. Knowing that all the ladies are tested by a doctor weekly makes it much easier for them seeing as though they are quite worried at times about catching a disease. Virgins are the best lovers, it’s exciting knowing they are a clean slate I can mold into exactly what turns a woman on. –Riley


Enjoying your first time at a brothel is definitely a one of a kind experience… You can email one of us ladies ahead of time to build a bit of a connection before your visit so that when you arrive, you’re a bit more comfortable and we both feel like we know each other. Once you’re here we can talk about what type of fantasy you want to live out while “losing your v-card”. It can be anything from a one on one, cuddling, sensual GFE style party to a full on 2 girl, or any type of fetish that you have had your mind on, or maybe even something you saw in your favorite movie or porn flick. This is a custom made experience for you and you only! Don’t have a story to share with your friends that starts off with you saying “Well, it wasn’t what I wanted but…” Make it something that you will forever remember and will bring a big goofy smile to your face every time you think back on it. –Olivia


Recently I had taken a young man’s virginity and he was thrilled that he took a chance and made the trip. He left complimenting my patience and my sensual guidance. A lot of men are afraid of performance and worry about losing their woman of interest because of not knowing how to satisfy a woman. At a Nevada brothel, a courtesan like myself will show men the many ways to satisfy a woman, we’ll make a virgin a skilled expert in bed, and we will build his confidence till he meets Mrs Right. There is nothing like a safe and clean environment to explore your untouched needs. I know how to ease a man’s nerves and build him up before I let him leave my bedroom. –Red Diamonds


Let’s face it, losing your virginity is always going to be a big deal. Whether you’re 21 or 101, you’re probably going to be very nervous about your first time. It’s common to wonder whether you are good, bad, quick, slow, big or small, along with many other concerns, but at a legal brothel there is no need to worry. We provide a safe and pressure-free environment and we are not going to judge you. The lady of your choice will guide you through an exciting time, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. She might even teach you a thing or two. We are also educated in safe-sex to help put your mind at ease. Once the big V is out of the way, you’d be surprised how much more confident you’ll feel about your next sexual encounter. –Emma


Anyone and everyone is welcome to explore, fulfill, and experience all their wildest sexual fantasies. Virgins in particular! What better way to lose your “V” card, than at a Nevada brothel. As a virgin encountering your first sexual experience, you can let all your inhibitions go, do not worry about being shy, embrace the whole experience. The sky is the limit when it comes to losing your  virginity. You can explore and play with the girl of your dreams, if you are feeling extra frisky you can experience two beautiful bombshells simultaneously. Your “virgin” sexual adventure will be a learning lesson, in which a gorgeous gal will edify you in the art of sex. Leaving you with an unforgettable encounter, and sending you off with a few pointers as well as the confidence to continue exploring your sexuality in your personal life when you get back to reality. All of us fabulous legal courtesans are sexy, stunning, salacious ladies sure to give you a mind blowing memorable experience that will prepare you for life. –Amber Lynn


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13 Responses to Losing Virginity To A Prostitute

  1. techieguy80 says:

    This is a fantastic article that couldn’t be more true! I lost my
    virginity at Sheri’s for my 30th birthday and it was one of the best
    decisions of my life. It has made me much more confident in every day
    life and incredibly more confident around women. While I have had
    several sexual encounters away from Sheri’s since then, I have also been back to the ranch 3 times because it is such an amazing place.

  2. schwalsr says:

    Olivia, you are so right about the “big, goofy smile.” After I lost my v-card at 38YO, no one could rip mine off my face for at least a week. When I returned to the bar after my first party at Sheri’s, the ladies present couldn’t help but giggle and smile knowingly… another one bites the dust!

  3. Dena says:

    This is such a great article. So many of you ladies have done such a fantastic job expressing the issues and concerns as well as why, coming to Sheri’s for a professional experience is so important. Well done.

  4. Ernest says:

    Of course, I would not turn to street hookers or illegal escorts for sex anyway. I definitely do not recommend virgins to give up their v-card to them.

    But, people can always go to Sheri’s Ranch to give up their virginity if they wish.

  5. Erin says:

    I love virgins! Since starting here at the Ranch I have had the pleasure of “deflowering” a few lucky men, and I must say it has been amazing! I love sharing my love for sex with a willing and eager new recruit; there is so much enjoyment to be gained from watching the grin on a man who has just discovered how much pleasure he can give a woman. And the confidence boost! I like to send my ex-virgins on their way with a spring in their step and some new tricks up their sleeves; ready to conquer the world. 😀

  6. Winterfun says:

    Great article and the one that helped me make the decision to make the trip down to Sheri’s (along with http://blog.sherisranch.com/sex-advice/male-losing-virginity/ ) I can’t plan this trip soon enough!

  7. rewith85man says:

    I honestly like to read about a man devoid of sexual experience getting involved with a sexually involved woman.

    I am a virgin who is broke but eager to visit Sheri’s Ranch as soon as I earn enough money…

    I praise and am a little jealous of the men who visited Sheri’s Ranch and lost their virginity to those beautiful courtesans.

  8. Mark Plus says:

    Seems like the sexual experience with a prostitute would leave you at a dead end, though. Prostitutes can’t teach you how to get into sexual relationships with regular women who feel genuinely attracted to you. At best the prostitute experience could train you how to have sex with other prostitutes, which doesn’t sound like the breakthrough in life that most male virgins want.

  9. Paul Limon says:

    I lost my virginity at 18 to an escort. I had an amazing experience. Working with a professional is a confidence booster and as nervous as I was, it helped me open up to asking questions and getting the confidence to expand my horizons and try to please a woman as well. I kind of wish I came here that 8 years ago to see a courtesan back then. I wonder if Red was working that long ago. 🙂

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