Since the 1970’s, brothels have been operating legally in Nevada. But exactly how much sexual activity occurs in a Nevada brothel on an annual basis and what type of sex acts do customers most often request when they visit a licensed Nevada prostitute?

These questions piqued the curiosity of Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel in southern Nevada, so they ran the numbers and polled over 100 sex workers to discover the answers. They found that in 2012 over 3.5 million minutes of “sexy time” took place in the bordello – that’s 6 ½ years worth of sex in a one year period! And that number only includes time spent in actual paid sessions with courtesans, not time spent carousing at the brothel’s sports bar, dining at the restaurant, or any activity other than prostitution services.

For more on the brothel’s discoveries, including the most popular activities requested by customers, the kinkiest services performed by prostitutes, and the surprising percentage of STD’s resulting from all of this naughty fun, please refer to the below infographic.

Infograph of Prostitution in Nevada

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7 Responses to Infographic: Nevada Prostitution

  1. Dena says:

    It’s pretty darn impressive to see the number of “sexy time” and makes me very proud with the 0% STD rate. Great job, and your illustrator is awesome.

    • malemanstro says:

      Out of all of the fetishes to indulge in with a pro, having her dress you up in drag and do the nasty (or whatever) is number three? I would not have guessed that.

  2. Allissa says:

    Love the illustrations! Great statistics, woulda known.

  3. ShyBlkGuy070 says:

    I love the article Jeremy. Puts things in perspective.

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