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Brothel PSA: Pro Athletes, Don’t Be like Greg Anthony


As a Nevada native, Greg Anthony should have known better. The former UNLV basketball star, who played professionally for the New York Knicks and later became a TV sports analyst, was arrested yesterday for soliciting a prostitute in Washington DC. … full story…

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State of the (Legal) Sex Industry


With the recent closure of two Nye County brothels, Angel’s Ladies and the Shady Lady Ranch, there has been a lot of media chatter suggesting that Nevada’s legal bordellos won’t last long into the 21st century. In a front page … full story…

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Seeking Arrangement: Sugar Dating is Prostitution


The jargon of the illegal prostitution industry is changing. As escort websites like are being exposed as resources for illegal prostitution and getting shut down by the FBI, a new type of “dating” site is rapidly gaining in popularity … full story…

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Legal Prostitution and Social Media


When Nevada legalized prostitution in the form of rural brothels back in 1971, personal computing was barely in its infancy and the internet was a concept yet to be actualized. The brothels of Nevada, unable to advertise anywhere where prostitution … full story…

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Alix Tichelman and the Legal Prostitution Debate


Alix Tichelman, an illegal prostitute, was recently arrested on suspicion of murder after allegedly injecting a lethal dose of heroin into Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes and callously leaving him to die on his yacht in Santa Cruz. The horrific … full story…

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Shaming Johns and Criminalized Prostitution


On June 30th the Oakland Police Department announced the launch of a website that displays the names and photos of “pimps and purchasers,” individuals arrested for soliciting prostitutes or benefiting from prostitution. This is not the first time that a … full story…

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FBI Shuts Down

myredbook-escort, a sex industry directory and online community connecting prostitutes and their clients, was taken offline by federal authorities on June 25th. The operators of the site were arrested for facilitating prostitution and money laundering. According to a press release … full story…

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Canada’s Prostitution Bill


On December 20th of 2013, the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously struck down the nation’s anti-prostitution laws which prohibited brothels, public communication between prostitutes and clients, and living on the profits of prostitution. Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin stated that the … full story…

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Donald Sterling and his Pimp


As if we needed further evidence indicating that LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a racist, CNN’s Don Lemon recently interviewed another individual who managed to record audio of Sterling making detestable, condemnable racial remarks. This time, the recordings came … full story…

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Will Robots Replace Prostitutes?

CyberFashion. Abstract techno backgrounds

How would you react if I told you that, one day, several brothels will exclusively offer sex with inanimate latex dolls? What if I said that there will come a day when virtual reality and robotics technology will combine to … full story…

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