It amazes me that in the age of the emperors club where numerous TV shows constantly “expose” the world of “high end” illegal prostitution, that stereotypes associated with street walkers are still attributed to professional sex workers. I’m here to set the record straight and list three myths about professional sex workers or prostitutes that need to go the way of the dodo.

As a licensed courtesan at a legal Nevada brothel I understand that my lifestyle is considered reprehensible by many, and I’m okay with that. Americans come from a variety of moral, cultural, and religious backgrounds and we don’t always see eye to eye. What makes this country (and Nevada) so great is the fact that I can legally live the way I choose whether or not you agree with my choices. But what does irk me is when someone doesn’t take the time to comprehend what I do and throws me into a box filled with their preconceived notions about sex workers.

Myth #1. Prostitutes will Party with Anyone

One misconception is that we will have sex with any guy as long as he has cash, even if he is a filthy diseased slob. I can’t tell you how many times I hear “but how can you sleep with those dirty guys?”

What “dirty guys?” All of the men who visit me at Sheri’s Ranch, my place of business, are well-groomed and courteous. My customers treat me with respect and in turn I give them a sexy-as-hell party. I don’t have to have relations with anyone I don’t want to.

Furthermore, all legal courtesans thoroughly check their customers for visible signs of STD’s prior to any fun activity and we all practice safe sex. We may be naughty, but we are not dirty.

Myth #2. Prostitutes all have Pimps

The assumption seems to be that where there’s a prostitute, there’s a pimp. And that pimp is forcing the woman to do what she does.

Not true. The vast majority of us operate independently – and every legal sex worker I’ve ever met operates of her own free will. No one forces me to do anything and I’m responsible for my own actions. I pay my own bills and I absolutely love my job. My gentlemen can attest to that.

Myth #3. Prostitutes are Stupid.

Legal Courtesan

My favorite myth is that people practicing sex work are doing it because they’re too stupid to do anything else.

While it is true that no educational experience is required to be a licensed prostitute, that doesn’t mean only uneducated women with no experience in the business world do it. Sex workers come from a range of educational and professional backgrounds.  There are several ladies here who have college degrees, even a couple with graduate degrees.

Also, many of my colleagues have worked in management positions before discovering that they could make more money doing something that they actually like.

The only stupid thing about the work that we do is having to put up with misrepresentative stereotypes. The truth is that we’re smart, independent women who make our own choices.

As I often playfully say to my customers, I apologize for exceeding your expectations…

Photos of Angelica from Sheri’s Ranch.

About Angelica Scott

Angelica is a legal courtesan working at Sheri's Ranch. Join her for a game of pool in the sports bar. Afterwards, retreat to a bungalow and play some real games... My Sheri's Ranch Profile
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14 Responses to Three Prostitute Myths

  1. tiredfrog says:

    Anytime I've gone to the ranch, both the men and the women there are fairly upscale…none of the dirty, sleezy types that are charactarized in the media. I've never encountered a woman (and I've spoken with several) who I would call "stupid or ignorant" or anything similar. Quite the contrary, there are some very intelligent, educated and well traveled ladies working there. Each time I read or see an interview done with one of the ladies from the ranchs, I think to myself "Good for you!" for portraying the women in this profession in a positive manner.

    I can only hope that continued um…exposure will help educate first the media and then the public that women involved in this for a living are a very average cross section of the population. Great blog post Angelica!

  2. Jeremy Lemur says:

    Do all sex workers wear thigh-high leather boots with heels? Or is that a myth too…?

    • No. That is a myth. I think men started that myth because that is thier fantasy. I find women to be very sexy when they are wearing a beautiful bra and matching thong with a sexy pair of high heels. I like this the best because it shows off all of her curves including her pretty legs. Although boots are not bad and can be sexy as well I find being able to see the whole package titillating.

  3. I have always been puzzled by the disdainful attitude society has towards "prostitutes". It is very common for women throughout society to sleep with men for money. The obvious examples are the Anna Nicole Smiths of the world. But beyond that, we all know that many women marry a man for money. He may not be a zillionaire like Anna Nicole's husband, but he does alright. She may not hate him, but she doesn't really love him either, but she tolerates him and learns to live with him because he provides well and offers some security. (Can anyone say "doctor's wife"?) I know women, and I'm sure you do too, that married a man who was a doctor, and no way in hell would they have married that same man if we was a truck driver.

    And we all know girls in high school and college date a guy who they don't really like, but he has some money, a nice car, buys her jewelry, is the captain of the football team, etc. They date him and sleep with him because of the status he brings.

    Now, how in the world is that any different that what the ladies at Sheri's Ranch do? Except they are more honest about it.

    And as an earlier poster noted, all of the women I have met at Sheri's are intelligent, educated, sophisticated women. They just choose a line of work, which is legal in Nevada, they work hard, do a good job, have fun, and make a good living. And the clientele is likewise well-mannered and respectful of the ladies. The ones that aren't get shown the door pretty fast, as they should.

    BTW I had a short party with Angelica, the originator of this thread, last year. It was a short party because I was running out of both time and money, but I can say that Angelica is wonderful. Maybe some day I will be lucky enough to have a full party with her, I'm sure she would be fantastic for several hours.

  4. roswell says:

    i feel intelligent everytime i answer the simple math question filter. hey tiredfrog, she party better than she write(big compliment) . great blog item, & i too dislike boring, predictable, obligatory, stereotypical inquiries/notions. start another blog about all the senior citizens that tour thru sheris everyday, not shocked, & some of the senior ladies wish they were 40 years younger , to be a courtesans. ha ha

  5. Allissa says:

    Great blog and way to stand up for us ladies. I get to see your many talents at work but this makes you even hotter! You took the thoughts out of my head when first reading the title. Thank you for posting!

    I got the boots….but don't consider it cliche.

  6. Leto says:

    At least the legal brothel industry is honest… for money, all expectations met. Marriage is the government's and many people's way of exchanging sex for money but more times than not the sex part stops and if the partner wants out, then it's even more money. At least brothels are honest.

    • RussianSara says:

      I agree with you. For me, at least, the attractive part of the profession is the honesty. It’s a straight-up exchange of sex for money at the brothel. While I think all male-female relationships have a certain level of a transactional undercurrent, it is never so forthright and acknowledged for the economic transaction that it is as much as it is at brothel in the legal prostitution context.

  7. mickey50 says:

    i have been visiting since 2006 and have never been disappointed the ladies beauty and most of all their mind body and have both been stimulated by the ladies i've met and not necessarily partied with.anyone who goes there with preconceived notions about courtesans,soon realize they were wrong.

  8. liam51 says:

    The mind is the ultimate sex organ. A woman’s intelligence really turns me on.

  9. Ernest says:

    The people who judge or stereotype the Courtesans seem to have problems of their own.

    What matters is the truth.

    Some people can say whatever they want. But, if they do not have proof, then their words are meaningless.

  10. Erin says:

    Great Blog! This is a topic that I believe never gets enough attention. There are stereotypes in every aspect of our lives, and it’s an ugly reality that most people are content to pass by in silence. It takes courage and honesty to stand up and confront these head on, and Angelica has done an amazing job. I’m looking forward to more posts from this intelligent vixen!

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