Las Vegas travelers often hope to add a bit of naughty fun to their Sin City visit and explore the sensual pleasures of a happy ending massage. Nothing quite compares to the tingling fingertips of a gorgeous masseuse as she takes control of your naked, helpless body and sends you on an erotic journey from deep relaxation to throbbing excitement, ultimately delivering you to your final destination: blissful release.

Because prostitution is not legal in the city of Las Vegas, many travelers seeking this type of amorous activity find a less-than-happy ending. Several of the illegal establishments that purport to offer erotic massage are sub-par dives or clip joints that are often the subject of police raids. For instance, 20 people were arrested in this prostitution police bust targeting facilities that were swindling male tourists seeking sexual activity.

Makeshift parlors constantly pop up and close down as a result of health violations and law enforcement stings. Pleasure-seekers in Vegas who visit shady parlors or hire unprincipled escorts are putting their physical safety and personal reputation at risk.

The only way to truly enjoy a magnificent happy ending massage in the Las Vegas area is to experience it at Sheri’s Ranch, the closest legal brothel to Las Vegas, where licensed courtesans titillate, tease, and transport their clients to a Shangri La of tactile pleasure.


Sheri’s Ranch offers an unrivaled happy ending massage experience with facilities and opportunities that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A complete spa and Tantric massage experience as part of Sheri’s Playland which includes a full-service massage facility, Jacuzzi, and sauna.
  • Options for a multiple girl massage party. Why stop at one masseuse when a customer can be pampered by two, three, or more of Sheri’s knockout ladies.
  • A breast massage experience where the masseuse uses her ripe, delectable breasts instead of her hands to tantalize clients.
  • A hot oil massage in which heated French massage oil is used to stimulate sensations that lead to intense arousal.
  • Bodyslide (Nuru-style) massage. The amazing feeling of you and your partner being oiled-up with nuru gel and sliding sexily together. Also known as a “soapy”, this massage is renowned for delivering unequaled pleasure. Sheri’s Ranch has a nuru massage specialty room designed specifically for this type of erotic body rub.

Sheri’s Ranch is 100% legal and 100% safe, so visitors can truly relax and enjoy their sensual massage experience without risking disease or prosecution. At Sheri’s Ranch, there’s always a happy ending.

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4 Responses to Happy Ending Massage

  1. Allissa says:

    Aahh…"the happy ending". Much easier to enjoy when you don't have to worry about getting busted or ending up with some disease. (They obvious can't perform a dc in a shady location) Don't forget we do have some ladies here at the ranch that are trained massage therapists to get a "true massage experience" as well. I have sampled some skills and am impressed. Such talented ladies I am privledged to work with!

  2. CuriousLea says:

    I want to know if there are any male massage therapists available for women interested in this experience? I understand the majority of the clients are women, but there are women out there that would be happy to pay a good chunk of change to have a safe sensual massage in a clean environment where there is no fear of being arrested. As a bonus, we would bring our boyfriends and husbands along and tell them to take their pick of your standard offerings! Maybe at least a male available on a will call, prearranged basis? Anyone?

  3. Allissa says:

    There are no males that work in brothels, but I enjoy getting rubbed by a sexy lady it’s amazing!

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