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Role playing is changing one’s behavior or persona in order to consciously act out an adopted role or character. Sex role playing is acting out a role play scenario with a particularly strong erotic element. Sheri’s Ranch is the only legal brothel in Nevada with a suite of rooms designed and constructed specifically for sexual role play.

What’s your sex role play fantasy? Do you want to be the libidinous voyeur who is discovered by his unsuspecting subject? Maybe you’re the teacher about to punish that naughty schoolgirl who always seems to find her way to detention? Or perhaps you’re into cosplay and desire to be the legendary superhero who rescues the damsel in distress (or vice versa)? Doctor/nurse, CEO/secretary, plumber/housewife; whatever your role play ambitions, the ladies of Sheri’s Ranch have a sexy adventure customized just for you! Read about a few of their mischievous exploits here…

Sex Role Play is Super-Nova Hot Fun!


Sex doesn’t have to be serious all the time. And the women at Sheri’s Resort are ready to play! If you’ve never role-played, you might think this is kind of silly. But role-play sex can be super-nova hot because you can enact ANY fantasy you’ve ever had. … full story…

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Who is the Girl Next Door?


One of the great romantic archetypes of all time is the All-American girl next door. She’s constantly referenced in everyday conversation – “a girl next door quality” – yet one rarely takes the time to consider the attributes that make … full story…

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My Batman Sex Fantasy

Batman Fetish

I have a crush on Batman. It started when I was a kid watching The Adventures of Batman & Robin on TV. He is a dark mysterious figure that everyone fears, but he’s one of the good guys. Brooding, he … full story…

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Naughty Peeping Tom Makes a Voyeur Video

Close-up portrait of a beautiful female eye

Phoenix, one of the lovely and libidinous ladies of Sheri’s Ranch, recently wrote a blog post about voyeurism that listed several sex tips for naughty voyeurs looking to explore the perverted possibilities of the fetish. A true exhibitionist, Phoenix enjoys … full story…

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Sheri’s Playland: Naughty Schoolgirl Must be Punished

Naughty Schoolgirl Roleplay

Many who have experienced Sheri’s Playland consider our signature fantasy sex role play experience to be among the most enjoyable offerings from Sheri’s Ranch. An “adult Disneyland” that has captivated customers and courtesans alike, people just can’t seem to stay … full story…

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