Many who have experienced Sheri’s Playland consider our signature fantasy sex role play experience to be among the most enjoyable offerings from Sheri’s Ranch. An “adult Disneyland” that has captivated customers and courtesans alike, people just can’t seem to stay away from our newest suite of bungalows.

It’s flattering that Sheri’s Playland is so well-received, but sometimes the ladies get a little carried away. The girls have been rumored to sneak into playland without permission and enjoy some naughty role play of their own.

Well, one of Sheri’s mischievous ladies has finally been caught red-handed! The naughty schoolgirl featured in the below YouTube video has been identified as none other than Sheri’s own Mandi Love.

As a result of her contemptible actions, Mandi has been placed in detention until one of Sheri’s visitors sees fit to punish her in a manner that suits her crimes. Hint: the classroom scenario at Sheri’s Playland includes a paddle and dunce cap…

Naughty Schoolgirl Dancing (High Quality) – featuring Mandi Love

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5 Responses to Sheri’s Playland: Naughty Schoolgirl Must be Punished

  1. techieguy80 says:

    Incredible, now if I could just figure out how to sneak in there and join her in detention!

  2. Leto says:

    Uhhhhh….wow. I am planning to see Mandi Love at the end of March when I am at SR, and I doubt I will be able to last the three minutes of this dance before I…………wow

  3. firefighter says:

    Dear Mandi,

    Your naughty schoolgirl video was fantastic… you may be a little naughty but you’re definitely the most beautiful and superb erotic dancer I have ever cast my eyes upon… I’m in love! The video was billed as high quality and it definitely surpassed my utmost expectations. I’ve had some experience with my personal discipline paddle and I might be able to administer adequate hedonistic punishment, lol! I recall the lines in the film Cool Hand Luke, “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate” and “You’ve got to get your mind right!” Thus, the discipline paddle will be gingerly utilized for imaginary punishment. Of course I won't be an ogre and leave any bruises, welts or red marks… it’s just for sensual foreplay, lol! I must insist that you reciprocate and punish me too, since I know that I’m going to be a very bad boy, lol!

    I can’t wait to enjoy your fantasy in person on my next visit. Also, we must play 8-ball pool, and I’ll bring a pool cue gift for your personal use.

    XOXOXO Firefighter

  4. Flipping towels in the locker room & bragging about the size of our penises were about as risque as my football team ever got. It is a good thing that Mandi never visited my locker room. I would have been suspended for the year. Cum to think about it, what's a championship worth. One romp with a naughty schoolgirl who looks like would be more memorable than ten championships.

    Where were you when I was sixteen and still a virgin? See you in April for my first date with a naughty girl.

  5. liam51 says:

    Lovely video. A smack on the bottom is quite a turn on if the lady enjoys it, or even better returns the favor. But I'd have a hard time feeling comfortable with anything more than that, as luscious as her bottom is. I'd be worried the whole time of going farther than she wanted. I guess some good communication is needed here, and trust.


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