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Sex Toys: Not Just For Women

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There seems to be this myth that sex toys are only to be used when you’re alone, when you can’t have sex with your partner. Or worse, that they are for women only! Of course sex toys are all the … full story…

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Penis Size Myths Debunked by a Prostitute


Prostitutes are penis experts. There is no other group of professionals – not scientists, not academic researchers, not journalists – that have more experience viewing and handling a large number and wide variety of penises. Additionally, prostitutes are probably the … full story…

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7 Tricks Prostitutes Use To Drive Men Wild


As a legal prostitute, it’s vital to my business that I’m able to attract men. Many people think that being an enticing, magnetic object of desire is a trait that some women are just born with. While some ladies may … full story…

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How To Choose The Best Condom For You


As a single woman dating in Las Vegas, condoms have always been a must. Now that I’ve become a courtesan in the wild west, I am truly home among advocates for safe sexual practices. I’d like to start my first … full story…

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4 Signs That You Need to Visit a Nevada Brothel

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You’ve been thinking about it for a while, and often, but you have yet to turn thought into action. Brushing your teeth in the morning, sitting in traffic, before falling asleep at night – the question enters your mind again … full story…

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Domination for Beginners


Crave something you’ve never tasted? Remember the perverse, dirty things you joked about in high school – have you ever thought of actually doing them? You’re not the only one. The women at Sheri’s Resort are here to tame your inner … full story…

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How To Perform Cunnilingus like a Champ!


Not every woman at Sheri’s Resort offers cunnilingus. If it’s important to you, ask. Some women really don’t like it. Others…meh. Some don’t get off on it. Some save it for their personal lives. Whatever the reason, be ready for … full story…

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Why I Love Virgins


If you get a chance to read my reviews, you will find several from those who were virgins and chose to come to this Nevada brothel to put an end to their virginity.  Although some choose their 21st birthday for … full story…

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My Multiple Orgasms

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It is believed that just around half of sexually active women and about 5% of sexually active men are able to have multiple orgasms. Other people can learn, but it takes a lot of practice and some people will never … full story…

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Prostitutes Weigh in on Penis Size…

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To put it mildly, men are entirely obsessed with the size of their penis. Particularly how their penis size compares to the measurements of other men and whether or not a female will consider their penis long and thick enough … full story…

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