Sheri’s Ranch is often heralded as a top erotic destination for sexually adventurous (and sexually curious) individuals from across the globe. Recently, Nevada’s premier legal bordello had a very special international guest who managed to document his first trip to a Silver State sex resort.

Jolyon Rubinstein and the crew from the hit BBC satirical comedy program The Revolution Will Be Televised gave their viewers an inside look at the debauchery and naughtiness that occurs in the Las Vegas area’s famed den of iniquity.

Watch and laugh hysterically as Rubinstein, in the guise of satirical prankster Dale Maily, is indoctrinated into the wild world of Sheri’s Ranch with the help of Madam Dena and legal courtesans Charina Lee, Erin, Allyssa, and more…

And in this clip, you can watch Rubinstein assume the role of a “drooling deviant who pays to have unchristian sex” with the lovely ladies of Sheri’s Ranch…

Video of this satirical program is used with permission of the BBC.
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7 Responses to The (Sexual) Revolution Will Be Televised

  1. Leto says:

    These were hilarious. Great job Ladies!

  2. CandyAndy says:

    Yes it was very funny indeed. Someday I’m gonna use that sex swing and enjoy the S&M room. Still so much to explore. Great work to all the ladies who participated in the recording. It must have been an exciting experience!

  3. Kellie Love says:

    Fantastic job ladies! This was a pleasure to watch!

  4. Red Diamonds says:

    I Love Charina Lee and Erin!!! It’s always fun watching//listening to them. 😉

  5. Kllv says:

    Omg that was hilarious! Great job ladies!

  6. kim says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! omg, I’m dying laughing. I absolutely love it!

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