Sheri’s Ranch is the unofficial brothel of the CES trade show for many reasons, including the legal bordello’s close proximity to Las Vegas and its abundance of technologically savvy courtesans. Re/code, the respected independent tech news resource, published a story about the social media skills of Sheri’s licensed prostitutes detailing how these ladies use microblogging platforms like Twitter to promote their salacious services and stay in touch with their clients.

Social media comes naturally to the women who ply their trade at Sheri’s Ranch. After all, two thirds of the courtesans working at the bordello are millennials, “digital natives” who have adopted social and mobile technology from a very early age. This fact caught the attention of Cleo Stiller-Farrell, a producer for the millennial-centric Fusion TV channel. Stiller-Farrell stopped by the bawdy house to interview madam Dena, and learn the basics of social media marketing, hooker-style, from courtesans Destini and Allissa.

Watch the below clip from Fusion’s Alicia Menendez Tonight, and follow the ladies of Sheri’s Ranch on Twitter!


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7 Responses to Tech Savvy Prostitutes use Social Media [VIDEO]

  1. rewith85man says:

    I would like to see that video or a documentary about Sheri’s Ranch.

    I also would like to see more Sheri’s Ranch videos on YouTube eventually.

    I still want to come although I do not have much money…

  2. tallguy says:

    A thought & recommendation on this topic based on my ~24 hours at the Ranch last week.

    1. I think the hostess should be issued an iPad that homepaged to the sherisranch site ladies area, so that when a gentleman/ woman drops in but doesn’t have an idea with whom he wants to party, the hostess or a lady can bring up the iPad for him (OK, her!) to review that week’s ladies and their photos. The ladies wouldn’t keep the iPad but would hand it back o the hostess when the customer was finished. I saw at least 4-5 guys being pointed to the TV screens up back of the bar to watch for the single photo of a lady to roll by. How they were able to choose was beyond me because those photos aren’t very descriptive of the real beauties that are there! I think the business and customer would be better served with the $500-600 investment, or a $thou for 2. This might also reduce the amount of the unpopular lineups that the ladies have to come out for. That would almost be like a free bonus to a lot of the girls and happier girls = happier customers. 🙂
    My two bits for the day.

    • Tatyana says:

      Great idea, Tallguy!

      But please, “a free bonus to a lot of the women and happier women = happier customers.” I’m a woman not a girl, please don’t infantilize me. I stopped sucking my thumb almost two years ago.

  3. Allissa says:

    This was way fun! Please check it out and follow us on twitter ! @allissa4you

  4. Allissa says:

    Great advice again Tallguy!

  5. Red Diamonds says:

    I love being online & getting to know all walks of life. What better way to do it then to be online while @ Sheri’s Ranch!!!

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