Nothing’s hotter than the look, touch, and feel of a woman’s arched feet and long sexy legs encased in silk stockings. Like the foot fetish, stocking fetishism is one of the most common fetishes – and many men have taken the opportunity to indulge their hankering for hosiery with the nonjudgmental women of Nevada’s legal bordellos.

It’s often difficult for men with a nylon stocking fetish to talk about their sexual preference with their friends or loved ones, for fear of the fetishist being perceived as peculiar or deviant. The open-minded atmosphere of a Nevada brothel makes for the perfect retreat, where sexual perversions are celebrated and clients are encouraged to explore the limits of their carnal interests in a safe and private setting.

Long legged Julia Rose, a Romanian knockout specializing in a range of erotic activities, has put together a sexy video that’s sure to whet the appetite of her current and future clients who have a thing for women in stockings.

Foot Fetish – featuring Julia Rose

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9 Responses to Sexy Feet, Legs, and Stocking Fetish [VIDEO]

  1. Angel Parr says:

    Wow, what a sexy video, and a beautiful women to show off such an erotic fetish! Stocking fetishes are one of the most common fetishes I hear requested, so I think this is a great blog!

  2. After reading the article titled: “Sexy Feet, Legs, and Stocking Fetish [VIDEO]”, I felt compelled to right a little something. I also love looking at a sexy arched foot accompanied by long legs encased in silk stockings. It’s definitely a foot fetish that I have and a need that continues to grow inside of me. I love to make others feel wanted and sexy. But I mostly love it when a man devours me from head to toe… licking each and every inch of me. I love a nice wet tongue in between my toes and sucking on them too. Mmm just thinking about it is making me hot!!!

    Come check me out here @ Sheri’s Ranch, I am the newest addition to the Beautiful Bunch!!

    Brooklyn Bank$
    09/17/14 – 09/22/14
    Twitter: _Brooklynbanks

  3. andrearaquel says:

    Awesome video. It’s something new and exciting. I am glad this is on here because it’s so erotic!

  4. Red Diamonds says:

    Nothing like feet that are up to par!!! It says something about a woman when she keeps herself up especially hands and feet. Shows that she cares about herself.

  5. Destini says:

    Very sexy soft porn I know what I’ll be looking up the next time I play with myself…… Lol….. As you all know I’m a foot fetish lover!!!!

  6. Riley says:

    Very sexy video! Destini and I watched this video together. We both snuck off afterwards

  7. rewith85man says:

    Right when I read the name ‘Julia Rose’, I knew that I wanted to see this video.

    I know that this article is about foot fetish.

    But, I wanted to see Julia Rose showing her face and dancing or doing something else.

    She is a beautiful woman from Romania.

    It would be interesting if someone writes an article about courtesan(s) dancing or stripping. I would love to see video(s) of Julia Rose, Montana, Allissa, Kitty Cat, and or other beautiful ladies of Sheri’s Ranch doing that.

  8. Winterfun says:

    Can I admit to always being curious about foot fetishes?

    I’ve always been a legs guy. I love how long sleek legs look on a woman and feet – as you may know – are definitely attached to a woman’s legs!

    When I one day make my long dreamed about trip to Sheri’s, it will be one of the things I ask about for sure!

  9. Jonathan says:

    Fantastic video! Don’t want to come across as a creep but her feet were making me quiver with anticipation.. sooo hot. I do have one question… I still have to wear a condom for a footjob session?

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