In the words of preeminent food writer M.F.K. Fisher, “First we eat, then we do everything else.” It’s fitting that every VIP sex party at Sheri’s Ranch comes with fine food and champagne, as pleasant conversation over a luscious meal has forever been an ideal precursor to a great fuck.

Host Braydon Szafranski was introduced to the cuisine culture of Nevada’s premier brothel when the team from MUNCHIES, a food channel from VICE, visited the house of prostitution as part of ‘MUNCHIES Guide to Vegas.’ Escorted to the ranch by Gil, Sheri’s chauffeur-extraordinaire, Szafranski dined and drank heartily with courtesans Destini, Riley, Red Diamonds, and Erin, and learned all about the bordello’s perverse amenities from Madam Dena.

Watch the video featuring Sheri’s Ranch below, and visit MUNCHIES to view all of the episodes in their ‘Guide to Vegas.’

Screen capture courtesy of VICE MUNCHIES
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3 Responses to Dining, Drinking, and Debauchery with VICE MUNCHIES

  1. Red Diamonds says:

    I enjoyed cooking & chatting with Braydon, seems like a cool guy

  2. AlexEmpire says:

    It’s too bad I wasn’t here yet. That looks like it was fun!

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