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The Oft-Unmentioned Cure for Adult Virginity


There’s been some chatter in the news lately about adult virgins and their quest for sexual gratification. The Independent recently ran a piece about the challenges faced by Japan’s growing number of distressed virgins in their 30’s and 40’s, and … full story…

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Losing Virginity at a Legal Brothel – A Client’s Story

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A few years ago, when I was 58, I had a secret that I couldn’t discuss with anyone: I was still a virgin. How I arrived at that age with my virginity intact probably isn’t that unusual from many men … full story…

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Why I Love Virgins


If you get a chance to read my reviews, you will find several from those who were virgins and chose to come to this Nevada brothel to put an end to their virginity.  Although some choose their 21st birthday for … full story…

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How I lost My Virginity [video]


How I Lost My Virginity – featuring Eve Adame I lost my virginity just two months before making my debut as a legal prostitute. I wasn’t always as sexually open as I am today. As many stories of sexually deviant … full story…

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Tips For Male Virgins


How old were you when you gave up your virginity? Most of us might have been in High School. Some people waited until marriage. But what about the guys who did not give it up in their teens or never … full story…

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Losing Virginity To A Prostitute

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If you are a male over the age of 20, and you have never had sex, you are one of the millions of adult virgin men living in the United States. American culture places an unrelenting stigma on adult virgins, … full story…

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