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How to Have Anal Sex (in a Brothel)

One of the most common questions a legal Nevada brothel receives from prospective customers is “Do the ladies offer anal sex?” The numerous aspiring Sodomites reading this post will be pleased to learn that the answer is “Yes,” licensed prostitutes working in Nevada’s bordellos may offer anal as part of their repertoire. This is not to say that all of the Silver State’s courtesans dance the chocolate cha-cha. Since each lady is an independent contractor who sets her own boundaries regarding the sexual services she provides, it’s up to the individual courtesan what erotic acts she will – and will not – participate in.

Many heterosexual men (and women) are curious about anal sex, but they often find that it’s a difficult topic to bring up in the bedroom because of the societal taboos associated with the act. Thankfully, a legal brothel is the perfect place to tackle taboo subjects and Nevada’s courtesans are best suited to guide the anally curious through their first Greek sex experience.

 Anal sex tips and what to expect

analDiscuss ass sex in advance

Like all sex acts in a legal brothel, anal sex must be discussed with the courtesan during the negotiation prior to the sex party. It’s important to talk about all of the positions and ass play activities that you’d like to participate in, including the use of anal sex toys such as butt plugs, anal beads, and penis rings. If you prefer to be on the receiving end, penetrated by the courtesan with the help of a dildo or strap on, this also needs to be discussed in advance.

Some women who offer this service require some time to prepare for anal sex and like to know ahead of time that they will be enjoying anal penetration. So it’s always a good idea to message your lady of choice a few days leading up to the party and book the session in advance.

Follow her lead

Anal sex, like many types of sex, is approached differently by different sex workers. It’s important to pay attention to your courtesan so that you can both tremendously enjoy the experience. This type of penetrative sex usually starts slow, as the participants acclimate to each other’s bodies, and the receiver gauges her comfort zone. Let your courtesan set the pace and you will be rewarded as the intensity slowly builds to an explosively pleasurable climax!

Lube and fingering

It goes without saying that anal intercourse requires a generous amount of lubrication for maximum pleasure and safety. After all, the anus is not nearly as lubricating as the vagina and is more prone to tearing. Anal sex usually begins with enjoyable ass play, with the customer and courtesan gently fingering her anus and then applying lube directly to it while gradually working a finger in. Next, another finger (or a small dildo) is added to get the sphincter relaxed and prepared for a rock-hard-and-ready penis.

Butt fucking

Once you or your courtesan have two fingers in, you are usually good to go and may start to slowly insert your cock while she pushes back on it at the same time. Once you make initial penetration, wait several seconds for her to relax and give you the OK, then start pumping and begin your journey on the Hershey Highway to Heaven!

Anal sex positions

Depending on the courtesan, your session can include a variety of anal sex positions. As mentioned above, be sure to discuss any and all positions you’re interested in trying prior to the sex party. Popular anal positions include Greek Doggie Style (the classic position), Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl (some courtesans say that this is often the best position to start, as they have more control over the act), Missionary, and the Spoons Position.

Condoms and cleanliness

As with all penetrative sex acts in a legal Nevada brothel, wearing a condom is mandatory when participating in anal sex. More importantly, wearing a condom during anal is a good idea even if you’re in a long-term, monogamous relationship with your sex partner. Even though both sex participants may be disease-fee, the bacteria that may be present in that area of the body is generally not the best thing for your unprotected penis.

It’s not recommended that a customer touches a courtesan’s vaginal area or face with the same finger/penis used in anal play because she can get an infection. If you’re planning a sex party that includes acts in addition to anal, such as blow jobs or traditional intercourse, be prepared to break for cleaning and switching to a fresh condom.

Ready to experience anal sex for the first time? Go to our search ladies page and discover which legal prostitutes provide anal. Below is a selection of legal courtesans who negotiate anal sex parties. Click on a thumbnail to learn more about each lady.

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