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Angel Parr

I have always loved playing with men and women who have disabilities, as it give me a chance to give them something that can be hard for them to come by. My most memorable experience here was with a man who had Cerebral Palsy, at first glance most would’ve thought that he was slow or timid , its easy to pass certain judgments, but within 5 mins of speaking with you would’ve quickly changed your mind. He was one of the sweetest men I have ever met, very intelligent, and hilarious, I will always remember during our negotiations I asked him what he wanted to spoil me with, and with out skipping a beat, with the most serious look ever he says ‘a big dick’ that was a real first for me. Even though he was so sweet, funny, and smart he was still a virgin in his 40s which saddened me that as a general public we have become so superficial that a man as amazing as him had never been able to experience love, and made me so happy that I was at least able to grant him a few hours of a fun, and give him the piece of connection he had been so longing for. I have had many parties, and tend to forget quite a few clients but Him I will remember forever, and hope that I have made him feel as special as he made me feel!

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