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The NURU massage is exceptionally erotic. If you like a normal massage, you’ll probably love the NURU. Your Courtesan will cover your naked body with warm NURU gel, and then glide her own naked body over yours. Her hands, arms, feet, legs, lips, breasts and labia will be sensually massaging your body everywhere. I received my first NURU Massage last year, and I was breathtakingly and lustfully stimulated. Of course, I reciprocated giving my Courtesan a massage too, and it provides a gentlemanly excuse to initiate foreplay. My hands are calloused and rough so the NURU gel allows me to massage my Lady without irritating her sensitive flesh. I thought at first that I would become cold in wintertime, but Lady Aries the LPIN Brothel NURU Massage innovator, raised the room temperature to 85°F. I was apprehensive initially, but I’ve had two NURU massages now and I’m ready for more.

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