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You shouldn’t have any problem with the DC since it’s a visual exam which takes approximately a minute. Hopefully you don’t have a hair trigger and ejaculate when she lifts your penis to complete the exam unless you’re a MSOG (multiple shots on goal or capable of having multiple orgasms) type guy, lol!

I usually “manscape” so my pubic area isn’t overgrown with nasty hair. Pubic hair is notorious for trapping dampness and odors. Plus Courtesans would probably rather not have their mouth full of hair when they perform a CBJ. I trim the long hair with scissors before shaving my groin and testicles. I first prep the area in the shower or bathtub with a mild anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Then I use a good Aloe shaving cream and Gillette Fusion 4 blade razor to shave hair from my groin and testicles. I have never cut myself while performing this delicate procedure but I’m very gentle too. Care must be taken so the you aren’t too aggressive and cause a shaving rash. If the area is overgrown with hair it’s better to perform the shaving task in several attempts over a few days. If I feel that the area is sensitive or raw afterward I use Neosporin temporarily.

Dex’s Newbies Guide, THE “DC” http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/dexs-newbies-guide/

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