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If you have an STD, or something that resembles and STD, you will have a problem. If not, there is nothing to worry about whether or not you are a virgin. It’s a fairly simple process.

You may also consider Firefighter’s advice of manscaping. Shaving your genitalia is usually much appreciated by women as most men today appeciate a well-groomed woman. I use a Wahl hair trimmer and shave it down. I don’t like to be completely bald and prefer a little hair on a woman as well, though, everybody has their own preferences. It’s a good idea to use scissors to cut most of the bulk off before using a razor. You will also want to shave a day or two before meeting with a courtesan in case you suffer any cuts so that no fresh cuts, bruises, or bleeding are present.

Hope all this puts your mind at ease!

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