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Shy is a state of mind, not a terminal condition! I don’t mean to minimize your feelings, but my point is that you can move past those inhibitions, and Sheri’s is a great place to do that!

The ranch is populated by dozens of the most beautiful women imaginable, which can be intimidating, but there are also people from all walks of life that you’ll run in to there. Shy guys who are there for their first time, rowdy “Bros” looking to party, locals in for a drink and a meal, couples old and young who like hang out in the bar, and great bartenders, hostesses and support staff that for the most part are good natured and good humored about everything. In short, there’s no reason to be afraid! It’s a safe place to break out a slightly bolder version of yourself, explore new facets of your personality.

I’d suggest just going in to check it out, have a drink and a bite to eat in the bar, and see how it goes. Request a tour from one of the girls (A tip is customary). Maybe even take a guy friend along if that will make you more comfortable. Just be aware, that if you say that you are just there to eat, or don’t want to be approached by the ladies, they will respect that…so don’t assume you’re being ignored! (plus you can always request to talk to someone later.) Who knows you might decide that you would like to work there.

The bartenders there are indeed great! Alas my favorite of all time, Marci, is no longer there…and I miss her dearly!

Best of luck!


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