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wish I could hang out at one or work there as a bartender or other support staff, and wish I were as hot as most of the ladies I’ve seen who work at the legal brothels.

I’m a guy. But if I were a female…

1.Starting in high school: I would get into fit shape and maintain it. Workout daily. Toned body, low body-fat. Also gain sexual experience with a bunch of 20-somethings. Watch porn and learn/try new stuff. Also get a financial education (investing, etc) in high school Economics class as well as online research.

2. I’d submit an application to be a courtesan in legal brothel. At age 18, I’d tryout & do whatever it took to get a job there 😉

3. On the night of high school graduation, I’d hop a plane/bus to the brothel and never look back.

4. I’d work as a courtesan to maximize income. Be very good at my job. Flirt with the customers. I’d get onto the computer every hour to answer every message in a timely/flirty way. I’d even participate on the every thread of the message board to attract new clients. I’d earn six figures a year. Invest most of it for moderate to aggressive growth. After twelve years, at age 30, I’d have a net worth of at least two million.

5. Could retire forever, buy a home, and never have to work again.

6. Could date and get involved in LTR. Most guys don’t care about a lady’s past and will look past almost anything if she is a great partner and great in bed.

8. Could get invitro fertilization and be a single parent.

9. Could enroll in college at any place. Study entrepreneurship. Buy/start own business. Be the boss. Make bank. Buy planes and homes all over the world.

10. Or keep working in the brothel. Safe sex is so awesome. What a great job that would be.

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