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I’ve been to Sheri’s twice, both times the friday after Labor Day. The first time was around 1 pm, and the bar was dark, and there were maybe 8-10 ladies sitting in booths with their iPads, and they came up to me one-by-one (though I didn’t make it past #2).

On my second visit, I made the reservation about 8 am that morning, and arrived around 11:30 am. The reservation was with a lady that was not a morning person (sorry! I should have asked first whether she was a morning or night person). I was sent to the bar to wait for her. There were no ladies in the bar, only an old couple grabbing lunch in a booth, and a guy in his mid twenties from California at the bar counter, just grabbing a burger. I chatted with the bartender for about 30 minutes, discussing water rights in Pahrump – before my lady showed up. It was worth the wait.

Anyway, from my own experience of two visits, I would agree that it would be best not to go too early. 1 pm is probably good, at least on a weekday, if your planning to chat with the ladies. And if you plan on going earlier, be sure to email sooner, not the same morning like I did.

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