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I’m not interested in Virtual Reality Porn or VR Sex because I prefer the old fashioned method of experiencing a sexual orgasm. I want to touch and kiss real flesh and have my Lady squirt all over me! VR porn participants don’t even get naked and interlock for real life SEX! 🙂 😉 Sex toys may be integrated with VR Porn to make it slightly more realistic. http://www.lovense.com/vr-porn

Pamela Gidley played Cherry 2000 (android wife) in the 1987 film by the same name, and I’d be interested in her for sure; however, if she were a 100% real robot, I’d pass. I prefer a flesh and blood woman; a robot doesn’t possess emotion or intelligence.

I don’t believe VR Porn will ever seriously compete with clients having sex with Courtesans in brothels, but I’m sure people will want to experience it at least once. It may be a temporary substitution for brothel sex when a person is unable to visit a Courtesan.

It was reported in the Washington Post that, “There could be an unlikely contributor to the decline of marriage in this country. And it’s free pornography on the Internet.” Therefore, Internet porn could possibly contribute to an occasional substitute for brothel sex too, because it’s free. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/12/21/americans-arent-getting-married-and-researchers-think-porn-is-part-of-the-problem/?wpmm=AG0003409

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