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This explanation will hopefully provide a basic idea of Brothel prices; However, Individual Independent Contractor Courtesans negotiate their own parties, so it’s impossible to publish a set price menu for all 24 Courtesans. In addition, Courtesans may design custom parties for their clients’ desires.

There are 4 LPIN Brothels in NYE County (Southwestern Nevada) within 50 miles of one another that includes Pahrump, Crystal and Amargosa Valley. Furthermore, there are a total of 24 legal Brothels in the entire State of Nevada. Indisputably, Sheri’s Ranch is the premiere Brothel of them all, and boasts the highest repeat clientele rate.

Clients may select from 15 to 24 Sheri’s Ladies depending on Courtesans’ scheduled appearance dates. Conversely, there are only 10 Ladies maximum at the brothel next door, only 10 Ladies maximum in Crystal, and only 8 Ladies maximum in Amargosa, so Sheri’s Ranch has a far better selection of beautiful women for your intimate pleasure.

In addition, Sheri’s Ranch provides a 10 room Hotel, Commercial Restaurant and Bar for clients’ convenience. Sheri’s Ranch’s Valley Inn Lounge is a Pahrump locals’ favorite hotspot!

Brothel party prices depend upon the client’s chosen Courtesan, type of party or menu items, length of party, and will usually be more favorable to a client if a connection was made with their Courtesan.

Brothel Sex Menu: http://www.sherisranch.com/sex-menu/

Pricing Factors: http://www.sherisranch.com/prices.aspx

Basically Independent Contractor Courtesans will negotiate for their services what the fair market will bear in this very competitive and compromising market area. Therefore, negotiations are very favorable to clients, and nearly 100% of customers are overwhelmed with satisfaction concerning their Sheri’s Ranch Brothel experience.

By the way, it’s not necessary to carry a large amount of cash, since Sheri’s Ranch accepts most credit cards without any surcharge.

I recommend clients stay in Sheri’s Hotel for a few days, so they have ample time to make a connection and party several times if they wish. There are 3 Suites (Romance, Pirate & Egyptian) which are much larger and have one king size bed instead of 2 queens, fireplace, mini refrigerator, LCD television, shower, jetted bathtub, sofa and dinette. http://www.sherisranch.com/hotel/

The standard room have two queen beds, a bathtub & shower combination, TV tray, and a small CRT television. The standard room is complimentary with a minimum $500 party, and clients may upgrade to a suite for $20 weekdays and $40 weekends. The standard rooms are normally $75 weekdays and $85 weekends, and the suites are $95 & $125. It’s recommended that you reserve a room in advance, since only 10 rooms are available. Sorry, there is no Wi-Fi system.

Sheri’s Ranch is offering the elite clients’ “Ultimate Sex Vacation” packages that include a 2 or 3 night Hotel stay too. These upscale party packages allow clients to splurge a little and attain the utmost pleasure from their Brothel excursion. http://www.sherisranch.com/adult-sex-vacation/

The Ultimate Sex Vacation packages prices are the only figures we can provide because Nevada’s prostitution solicitation prohibition dictates that actual sex party negotiations be conducted on the licensed brothel premises. In addition, Sheri’s Professional Courtesans are independent contractors; they’re at liberty to set their own party prices, and types of parties or menu items they offer.

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