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Well, CynicalVirgin, I can’t imagine having all the frets of worrying about one’s first time having sex, and at the same time, having to worry about a penis that looks somehow ‘off’. It must be very scary and frustrating.
Learning how to be with a woman is difficult. Simply ‘punching your V Ticket’ helps, I guess, but doesn’t satisfy the need to be a social human being. Telling your lady “to shove her offer up her ass” probably wasn’t good practice learning to be with a woman. 🙂
These women are smart. They read the literature, they’ll know that there is this condition, and they will probably increasingly know what it might look like. They talk to medical professionals all the time.
You can maybe discuss some of this beforehand with some of the ladies via email. It doesn’t seem like a young man needs to commit his whole life to silicon dolls.

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