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Hi Newbie, personally I think a Nuru massage is a great ice breaker. I visited the Ranch last November & my 1st party was a Nuru massage with Amber & Brittney for 1 hour. It was an amazing experience & set up my evening bungalow party with these two sweet Ladies. If you have a Lady in mind that you would like to party with you could start with a Nuru party in the afternoon to help you get to know her & then have a party in her room or in a bungalow in the evening. If you haven’t been to the Ranch before bungalow parties are very much like a date in that you get to share a meal in the bungalow with your Lady before you party. Honestly the length of time for any party is up to you & how much you can afford to spend. Newbie the Ranch is a very special place & is something everyone should experience at least once. Its where adult fantasies come true. Trust me there is nothing to be nervous about although it is a natural feeling as that’s how I felt before I went there. All the Ladies I met in the bar were really nice & hanging out in the bar can be a truly eye opening experience. Good luck man, just take a credit card & have a great time.

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