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A little word of caution about the website profiles is they are sometimes a little off on the data portions. Think about them like you would about the information on drivers licenses. You are much better off looking at the pictures if you are looking for a certain look. I would warn you to only look at the profiles of scheduled ladies. They do keep the profiles of a lot of ladies that no longer come in on the website. What I can tell you is that the pictures are accurate when taken and I have personally never came in and looked at one of the ladies and thought her photos looked touched up. Based on my experience the newer photos are at the top and older photos on the bottom. Only thing I have been surprised about is when they decided to change their hair. I would be surprised if you came in and where not able to find a couple ladies to meet your tastes. If you don’t see one in the bar when you get in just let the hostess know and she will be able to help you out. Also I would highly suggest taking the time to talk with as many ladies as you can. I normally spend a while at the bar just having a couple beers before partying so I can get to know them better. I have had wonderful parties with ladies that where not exactly what I would consider in my normal tastes because we clicked after talking.

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