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Flint, I don’t know if I’ll have one party or two. I ‘spose that might be possible…provided I survive my first! Guess it depends on factors that won’t be revealed until after I get there and meet Amber Lynn. If we hit it off really well, I can see Amber Lynn being the only one I party with, whether it’s one party or more. Will I be in the mood for a two girl party? Honestly I don’t know, it’s difficult to predict.

You have me thinking, though…especially your last comment about the possibility Amber Lynn becomes unavailable for some reason.

Hey BadDog! Get down, bad! Quit humpin’ that Courtesan’s leg! …haha, j/k…I checked the line-up for my days at Sheri’s. I just recently created my Twitter account and am still learning how to use it. I found fireman’s contact list, thanks for the tips!

I set up my Twitter account to accept messages from anyone so some of my long lost buddies might pop out of the woodwork. But I wonder if Sheri’s ladies’ Twitter accounts are set up the same way. It would seem they’d likely have to weed through a ton of BS messages from Vegas drunks, including rude messages from prudes & A-holes from anywhere, to get to the real ones. Maybe I have to send a “Follow” request or something. I’m still figuring it out.

What was that old commercial slogan? It was “Betcha can’t eat just one” from Lay’s potato chips! Man, the company name and slogan sure fits!

techieguy80: Again, really not too sure about more than one party. Since one party is a guarantee and I’m unsure of the rest, I think your “wait and visit…in the bar” advice makes good sense. I believe fireman also recommended something like “keep your plans loose your first visit” in his Newbie Guide.

Thanks again for the input! Please keep it coming.

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