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So glad I came across this post. Its sad and unfortunate that we are living in a society where women with tattoos, whether it be 1 or completely covered are completely judged and shut out without the opportunity to see the individual as just that… an individual.

People can express themselves through a variety of ways and are expected not to be criticized but the moment a woman chooses to express her way through the love and appreciation of art through her body…. whoooaaa the world says she’s this, and she’s that, oh it is distasteful and its trashy…
I just do not understand…
If the woman is dressed in clothing that does not reveal her tattoos and you have an amazing conversation with her, see her real personality shine, find an intense attraction to her visually, emotionally and mentally then disrobe her to only uncover a world of color in animation and be simply blown away how you could of ever had been turned off in the first place =)

food for thought…

A heavily tattooed doll

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