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I am not one to judge people. If they like tattoos, and they like the way the tattoos look and feel, then great. I myself have none, nor do I desire one. As for tattoos on girls, I am mostly ambivalent, though I do love the look of natural skin in all it’s shades of color. I do not find tattoos, for the most part, a turn on, or a turn off, but would be more attracted initially to someone with fewer tattoos just on a visual sense. As for Pearla’s question about an amazing conversation with a woman, seeing her real personality shine, finding an intense attraction to her visually, emotionally and mentally then disrobe her to only uncover lots of tattoos, I would still find her attractive, but the attraction would not be enhanced or deminished by the tattoos. However, If I see two attractive ladies that I do not know, sitting at a bar and one has tattoos and one does not, I admit, all else being equal, I would be initially more attracted to the one without. This is nothing against the tattooed girl, but has more to do with my attraction to a natural look. The great thing about Sheri’s is that they have many many lovely ladies of many shapes and sizes, ethnicities, colors, tattooed, non-tattooed, short, tall and everything in between that appeal to a diverse clientele and that is a great thing.

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