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I will take Viagra 100mg on an empty stomach for erections. I don’t eat greasy foods or consume alcohol or caffeine drinks two hours before or after taking my E.D. drug because it’s detrimental to E.D. drugs’ efficiency. If I have eaten within the last hour, I will take my Viagra (sildenafil) sublingual since it enters the bloodstream faster and isn’t affected by food in the stomach.

It’s recommended to use caution taking Viagra and a blood pressure medication simultaneously because it may lower the blood pressure to an unsafe level. Viagra is essentially a blood pressure medication but it has the attribute of assisting erections.

There’s a rumor that Viagra is given to men in assisted care facilities because it lowers their blood pressure and prevents them from rolling out of bed at night. 🙂 😉

In addition, I will occasionally inject .140ml Prostaglandin to assist my erection too. http://www.ustoo.org/PDFs/Injection.pdf

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