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Hi JonKnowsNothing, thought I’d give you a welcome and a reply since I went through these exact thoughts recently. Many here on the forum helped me, so I will pay it forward. One suggestion I might offer is that many of the same questions have been asked before, as I did, and just a little time spent researching the forum might save you from posting questions previously addressed.

Question 1: Feel free to contact as many ladies that interest you. Check their schedules before emailing to make sure they’re actually at Sheri’s before you attempt contact. If they aren’t, you may mistakenly assume they’re blowing you off when you receive no reply. Truth is, they can only respond to emails when they’re actually on site.

With a threesome in mind, I’d suggest you choose one of the two and contact her with the idea of a threesome. Ask her if the other lady you’re interested is someone she might consider for your tryst. But given you’re thinking about a visit in a “couple months”, timing is everything. The ladies’ schedules may change, your schedule or fantasy may change, the ladies’ relationships with other Courtesans within Sheri’s may change, etc.

Question 2: You may find it difficult to discuss the “nitty gritty” of a party via email. Try to understand that even though the ladies at Sheri’s want to bring all your fantasies to life, emailing about them is virtual. Until you’re right there in front of them ready to get on that fantasy horse and ride it into orgasmic oblivion, they really won’t be able to invest too much time writing about it.

Also, be sure and spend some time perusing each ladies’ profile. If there are certain fetishes you want served, their profiles indicate what they’re into.

Question 3: Again, you kinda need to be there for this one. It’s easy though… When you get there, just talk to your main interest about who you’re thinking about adding to the party. She’ll either be acceptable to the idea and make it happen or will suggest others to consider. And then the fun will really begin, because you’re there and can meet them, rather than trying to establish a connection through the Internet!

Final thoughts: I’d suggest keeping the email count low. Make enough contact to find out if you have a rapport, and then just get there and make it happen. Keep it simple, don’t over-think it. I did, and I shouldn’t have.

Best of Luck! Good Times Ahead!

P.S. Check out the amazingly brilliant and beautiful Tatyana’s blog post about threesome planning here:

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