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First, I’m positive whatever you have in mind can happen, so no worries. From what I understand, Sheri’s can accommodate anything role-play-wise from cosplay to elaborate scenarios in a fantasy setting with every word and action scripted beforehand. The only limits being your imagination and bank account! Lots of the ladies’ profiles indicate Role Playing as an option. Think you’re in good shape there.

As far as the ladies being “ready”, have no doubt, they’re ready to take you on at a moment’s notice. I haven’t met all of them by any means, but I was impressed with every woman I talked to over the two days I was there. The ten or so I met were all very sharp, creative, intelligent, and eager to please. My point being, I think it would be possible for you to make this happen even if you just popped in off the street and presented it to whoever interested you.

But I get it, you want some reassurance this will happen with who you want before you commit to making the trip, lining it up in advance so you can walk in with everyone on board and no worries. Even though to me that seems like it should be easy, it’s really complicated. Their appointment schedules are different every day, and may change at a moment’s notice depending on walk-ins, etc. You’ve already experienced the let down of a first choice not being available when you arrived. And too much pre-party planning too far in advance could set you up for the same outcome.

So no, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t figure out who’ll be there during your visit and then contact one that interests you with your idea. If your idea is acceptable, that may be as far as she can go with the plan though. What if the ladies she recommends to complete the threesome are ones you have no interest in? On the other hand, let’s say one she recommends is one whose pictures you like. The issues then are: Knowing if that second lady will be there during your visit, and, if she will be available when you want your party to happen. Also, do you have chemistry with lady number 2? Pictures are one thing, face to face another.

Complicated, right? The only way I can see to avoid a letdown is to make firm appointments with both ladies. And to do that, it would likely be best to make the appointments only a few days before your arrival. But if you fail to show? …damn… One lady scorned is a very bad thing. Two?? You’d best leave the country.

All this being said, it might be a good idea to contact Sheri’s Madam, Dena, and run this all by her. I’m sure she’d have some great advice and help you coordinate the plan.

Sounds fun!

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