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As for a rest stop. Ummm, well if you can’t make it the hour or so out there, then pull over and find a bush to water! It’s mostly sand and brush along the way, so you won’t hurt anything. You might have to search a bit for a bit of cover from passersby in order to avoid any indecent exposure, but otherwise I say the Nevada desert IS your rest stop 😉

RE Speeding: I have heard that the State Patrol is VERY strict on speed coming into/out of Pahrump, presumably to snag those folks getting antsy at the end of a long drive (and eager to get to Sheri’s).

I’m a bit of a lead foot, but I do back off a bit, and try to keep an eye out for patrol cars as I approach town.

Also, the local cops apparently love to pick off cars leaving the ranch late at night…looking for DUI stops, for which they also have ZERO tolerance.

Just a tip to keep it slow and sober when traveling to/from the ranch.

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